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Name: En Femme Getaway Crossdressing Event

Description: Eureka! En Femme Getaway is an Elegant and Relaxing weekend in the quaint Victorian town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas held twice yearly in April and October. Join us for a fun filled weekend in a community that is extremely TG friendly. Each of the Getaway events has been a total sell out, with many of the "girls" returning in both the Spring and the Fall. We book the entire hotel for the event which is located right downtown, just walk out the front door and walk the streets totally En Femme and enjoy shopping as you have never experienced it before. Visit our website for complete details and the all inclusive package prices.

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Date added: Nov 11, 2002

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User Reviews/Comments:

By: Janet
I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Fall Femme GetAway up in Eureka Springs. As the name for it implies this is not a convention but a getaway where you can rest, relax and have the total chance to completely enjoy your feminine self. The staff at the Basin Park Hotel is first rate all the way. The food is out of this world. The shopping is every girls dream come true. About every kind of store is in the town and they were all glad to help us with what we were looking for and thanked us for visiting them. It is my hope to attend the Spring GetAway but if I can't make it in the spring I will be attending other GetAways in the future for sure.
Email: Janet_sara2002@yahoo.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Lisa Thomas
This is an outstanding event. Lots of friendly couples who make you feel like you are not the only ones dealing with crossdressing. Eureka Springs is very accepting, you will have a great time!
Email: thomas_lisa@hotmail.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Jessica Marie
I felt the Eureka getaway was out of this world. I had so much fun being able to shop enfemme and not have to worry about people watching me, yes I was looked at but not in a menacing way. The shopkeepers were great and invited us to come back. I met alot of wonderful people there too. The hotel staff was great, they made sure we had everything we needed, the only thing I can think that I didn't like was the lighting but I have bad eyes anyway.:) The 2 dinners they provided were outstanding. I recommend to someone 'thinking' about going to just sign up, you will not regret going on this trip.
Email: txjessica16@hotmail.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Dianne
The Eureka Getaway is a spectacular event. You can spend the weekend Enfemme without worrying about acceptance. The merchants and hotel staff are wonderful. It's a great weekend of relaxation, shopping, and togethernenss.
Email: dianneanders@yahoo.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Christine_
Talk about a Cinderella weekend; it was fantastic!! It was my first time out in mainstream and the experience could not have been better. I got a makeover and nails, and had a great time. Thanks so much to Becca and Dixie, I'll never forget it! The quaint shops were so friendly and fun that I could not resist some serious plastic melt down!! I can't wait till April for the next one. I hope to see you there too.
Email: christine_waits@hotmail.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: debbie
The Enfemme Getaway was great. It was so nice to get out and go to the stores. I must have went to atleast 20 stores and no one made me feel bad or uneasy. I wasnt sure I could go out like this but i did and it was great. The staff at the hotel were great also. The food at the hotel was good and it was so nice to go out to eat dressed up. All I can say is It was great and I had a exellent time. I drove 500 miles to go to the getaway and I cant wait to go to the one in the sping. Like me if you havent been out before or dont get out much this is a getaway were you can go and not feel so uneasy or scared.
Email: debbieb1954@hotmail.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Dixie
Well Girls, our Third En Femme Getaway Event was this last weekend and I have to say it was the best one YET! We had guests from all over the US, all of whom had the time of their lives.

Gina Lance of Girl Talk magazine was WONDERFUL, and really touched everyone with her talk at our Banquet on Saturday night. Jim Bridges was Fantastic! His talk on makeup was great and he did his "Magic" with several of the girls who were just amazed at the new looks he gave them. The Fashion Show was beautiful with the girls modeling fashions donated by the local shops, Jim Preslan did a wonderful job pulling it together. As usual the hotel staff and town were wonderful, the food was out of this world and the weather was beautiful!

The registration for the Fall Getaway will open soon, so keep an eye on our website. We look forward to meeting old friends and new friends this fall.

Dixie and Becca
Email: admin@femmegetaway.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: kathi
Beautiful victorian hotel, beautiful town with friendly shopkeepers, beautiful weekend! a friend and I drove 700 miles to Eureka Springs -- not your average town in Arkansas. This is a weekend where you can stay enfemme the entire time...where you are encouraged to go out into the town and enjoy yourself...where it is safe, friendly, and fun. Can't wait until the fall weekend !
Email: kathi@phreaker.net
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Michee :)
It was simply the best. We had a fabulous time and we can't wait for the fall getaway. The only thing I can really say is that in each picture I saw of me I am hysterically laughing and that says it all.
Michee :)
Email: Clownfacemime_wife@yahoo.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Katie
The enfemme getaway held this past April 4th through the 7th at the Basin Park Hotel in
Eureka Springs, Arkansas was a great success. A wonderful time was had by all. The
staff at the Basin Park Hotel made everyone feel welcome and completely at ease. All the
shop keepers were gratious and helpful to all the girls. The organizers did a great job
keeping to the schedules and making everyone feel special.
The scheduled events included a theme party on Thursday night to help all the girls get
acquainted. On Friday, world renown Jim Bridges held a makeover seminar to help the
girls with their make-up problems. Jim was busy the whole weekend giving individual
makeovers making those lucky girls absolutely gorgeous. That was followed with a
fashion show with outfits and dresses loaned by some of the local shops in town.
Saturday evening there was a formal dinner banquet and the guest speaker was ďGirl
TalksĒ own Gina Lance.
There was much else to do as well. A whole day could be given to shopping all the
stores within walking distance of the hotel. There was horseback riding as well as a canoe
or raft ride on a nearby river. The night life could be enjoyed into the wee hours of the
morning. Certainly, there were more things to do than time to do them!
I found the entire experience delightful and unforgetable; it was a dream come true. I
made many new friends that I hope will become lasting friendships. Many of the girls at
the getaway are active in their communities and have been to other events before but for
many of us this was our first experience. One girl I met had never been out in public
before and by Saturday afternoon she was completely at ease walking around town,
shopping in the many stores and lunching at one of the many cafes in Eureka Springs.
This was my first event of any kind and it certainly wonít be my last. I will be back to
Eureka soon and highly recommend it to any fun loving TG/CDís whether they are
comfortable out in the real world or have yet to make that first step.
Email: Katiesane@TGForum.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: christine
October 2003 was my third Enfemme Getaway. Every one has been more special than the last. Get this ....Becca even talked some of the guy employees of the hotel to dress in drag at work the day of Halloween.....what a hoot. Many thanks to Becca and Dixie you have changed my life forever.
Email: christine_waits00@yahoo.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Lisa Thomas
My EnFemme Experience

Another trip to Eureka Springs, I was so excited. Been planning for weeks what to wear, things to bring and friends to meet up with again. But there is so much to do beforehand. Lots of shopping, gosh I really hate that part . But the feminizing is painful, things I always get a few things done before the getaway to look my best.

So the week before the getaway I have my eyelashes permed, yes permed like a perm in your regular hair but only on your eyelashes. Mine are so straight and eve slant downward that an eyelash curler does not stand a chance on keeping them in a feminine looking position. So itís off to my favorite eyelash permer, she is really nice and we have a good conversation while getting this done, it takes about an hour or more. Afterwards my eyes look so good, wish I could afford to have it done more often, but its $40 that I usually donít have to spare.

Next Iím off to the nail salon, a good pedicure and my favorite color only draws moderate stares from the women around me, but the salon is used to seeing me and is always very nice, a good pedicure and manicure can really make you feel more feminine, itís an easy thing to hide the polish on your toes and itís great for going out in your newest sandals.

Now donít forget that I live in the middle of redneck, bible belt hick Arkansas, so people seeing me getting these things done usually get an eyeful, but Iíve never had a problem, just hold your head up and have a good time, everyone around you will be able to relax then too.

Now itís time to go, of course the car is packed to the top with clothes and all the stuff we need to be beautiful, about 100 times more stuff than my wife packs, but Iím getting better . We have to drive about 4 hrs from our house and we donít get an early start, so we usually spend the night before driving the rest of the way, I really like that cuz then I can change so the rest of the drive and trip Iím in Lisa mode. We do a lot of shopping along the way, and arrive a little late, I was supposed to be in the fashion show, but I couldnít help it, shopping is our thing.

The hotel staff is so friendly and helps us with the huge load of stuff without a single gripe . I saw people with a lot more stuff than I had, so I guess they were happy with me. Getting unloaded and loaded from the car is the worst part. We got into the hotel about 2pm, but our room was not quite ready, more about that to follow. We were starving so went up to the hotel restaurant which is a huge balcony overlooking the quaint streets of Eureka, itís a great place to eat and listen to live music all day long. We had some great food and drinks (Wet County).

Our room was ready when we finished our meal and meeting old friends and new ones. We entered our room to find out it was just redone, and we were the first to stay in it, thatís why it wasnít ready. It was a king size Jacuzzi suite, it was nothing short of spectacular. The tub sat in the front window where you could see down the street and into the park, it was so beautiful I almost cried, needless to say Lisa spent a lot of time in that tub.

By the time we got unpacked and I spent time in the Jacuzzi it was time to go to the first event of the weekend, social hour in the billiards bar, itís on the top floor of the hotel with a couple of pool tables and a great bartender. One of the girls has made several CDís and sings for us while we mingle and get to meet new people and old friends. But soon dinner is ready, the dinner tonight is Ozark style. Fried chicken, potatoes and gravy you know, all the good stuff. Itís pass around so you grab what you want and pass it to the next person, the food is nothing short of great and the staff is just outstanding!!

After dinner we have another girl who is a DJ and we dance our little butts off till the crack of dawn, a few of us went out to check out the local club we always visit called Eureka Live, they always have a live band on Friday and Sat nights so we wanted to see who was playing and also get out into the real world. It was fun, but soon we rejoined our sisters having a great time dancing. I was so sore the next day, good thing I had that tub .

We got up early the next morning, there is a great little cafť in the hotel that sits in a little cave, it has a wonderful breakfast and Starbucks coffee. My wifeís favorite breakfast, we have some food and I check my e-mail, they have high speed access at the hotel. My wife is off to the spa for her favorite part of the trip, the hot stone massage. I go out and do a little shopping and get out my laptop and do some work in the restaurant where I can chat with the people while trying to get some work done. Funny to be sitting around as Lisa doing my normal work and chatting with people like it was nothing.

Friday night is the theme night, this time itís a luau, we have our Hawaiian dresses and great outfits ready, but there is a catch, our friends who host the event have planned elaborate decorations for the evening, so about 20 of us pitch in to help, itís really a nice job and the ballroom steps into the south pacific in one afternoon. So itís a mad rush to get in the tub, get changed and go to the luau. The hotel staff knocked themselves out for this event, they had a whole roasted pig and all the fixings, it was spectacular. The food was great and so was the company, we met so many new friends. The weather was awful, it stormed so hard, but we had a good time and didnít lose power or anything, but we were all a little concerned since we were on the top floor of the hotel.

After dinner the door prizes are awarded, stuff from the town such as gift certificates, stuff from online TG merchants, stuff people at the getaway donated, in other words more stuff then there are people there, so everyone gets something. We got a great gift from one of the merchants in town and some nice nipples for my breast forms. Now I can be perky . More music after dinner in the billiard bar and a bunch of us go out in the storm to see the band. The hotel has a shuttle that runs all night and will take you anywhere you want to go and come get you if you call the hotel, so we ventured out. The band was really good and the people were all real friendly, even the biker dudes sitting next to us warmed up to us after a few drinks. Everyone loves to see us come because we are dancing fools, once we start the dancing, the dance floor never empties the rest of the night.

I donít remember hitting the bed that night, (day). But when I finally awoke sometime Sat it was time to get moving for the next evening, I quickly dressed and got some food in me and then went back to the room to get ready for formal night. Formal night is the big dress up night where anything goes, the dressier the better. I had a great little dress that I picked up at Dillards in Memphis it was awesome, no back, a little collar thing and a built in bra. It was really nice and I had a great time in it. Dinner was a sit down affair with your choice of entree, ordered when you register. It had been so long since I registered I had forgotten what I ordered, but it was steak and cooked to perfection with all the trimmings. Prime rib, seafood linguine and a vegetarian dish were the other choices. I didnít eat much since I had lunch not long before and I didnít want to pop out of my little black dress.

After dinner we had a speaker who just wrote a new TG book, she was very good and gave a great speech. It was centered around her experience ant the getaway and how itís so special, almost magical how we come together become friends and just mesh with people from all different parts of the country and even the world to form this small little group in the middle of redneck country. She is from NYC and was just amazed how friendly and open everyone was.

Saturday after dinner called for more of the snake that bit me, my legs were about to fall off from dancing the night before, but that didnít even slow me down. Back to Eureka Live for the band and dancing, the place was packed but we wormed our way in and had a great time. It got so hot we had to get some air, some of our friends were out walking the streets and suggested we go to one of the other hotels where they had met the hostess earlier and she had invited us to come by. Of course itís already after midnight and we are more than slightly buzzed, but why not so off we go.

The bar was closed when we go there, but the hostess saw us and ran to the door and opened it for us, there was just herm the bartender the chef and one patron there, and now the 6 of us and some of our SOís. They had a slow night so they were glad to get some people who could drink, and drink we did. They were so nice, of course curious and we answered questions as best we could. The chef went down to the kitchen and rustled up some grub for us, we were starving by this time. He made some awesome bread and scallops that were to die for. He really impressed us with his skills, especially at 1AM for a bunch of drunk men in dresses . We had a really good time with them and loved their hotel; itís called the Grand, so if you are looking for gourmet food in Eureka itís the place to go.

We felt sorry for them so we decided to let the normal people go to bed and continue our party elsewhere. It was back to our hotel where things were still going strong about 2 AM; the nice thing about this is we have every room in the hotel, as long as we want to party, its fine with them. Most people spend quite a bit of money at the bar, so they are glad to see us come and donít mind staying up late. But they are pretty weary by Sunday morning.

Sunday comes and sadly itís time to go, we would love to stay and live that life forever, but reality sets in and we have to go back to our dreary little lives. Sunday is always interesting, most people are leaving and like me that canít arrive at home EnFemme. So itís interesting to see a lot of people in DRAB that you only knew a female. Everyone is always shocked to see the difference in me, most people we only recognize by the person they are with. There is a huge champaign brunch Sunday as we depart and say our goodbyes. Itís sad to say goodbye, but nice in the knowledge of the friends we have made and the repairs we have made to our own relationships by sharing our experiences with others who are just like us!

Email: thomas_lisa@hotmail.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Nancy

My femme name is Nancy and I attended the April 04 En Femme Getaway. When I went I had been out of the closet for about 5 weeks. I would like to address my comments to those who have never been out or to a crossdresser's event. GO TO THIS ONE!! †I had more fun and learned more things in 4 days than the previous 5 weeks or the 2 weeks since I have been back. I have already submitted my registration for the fall 04 Getaway. Girls, this is unreal. You will get to do things and learn things that it would take years to do on your own. Becca and Dixie are absolutely superb as hostesses. They will make you feel right at home as does the hotel staff and the town folks. I was nervous my first day, but that was quickly dispelled. All the other girls, whether GG's or TG's, made me feel safe and comfortable. I live in a big city and I assure you that I would not dare do the same things at home. I sat in a park one day for about an hour, en femme, and nobody even paid attention to me. I went shopping, en femme, and several shop owners came up and introduced themselves and said how glad they were to have us. I never heard a negative comment in the 5 (way too short) days I was there.

The thing I liked about the Getaway is the freedom you have. Yes, there are events you can go to, but if you don't want to go, don't. Do what YOU want to do, within reason of course. If you want to go shopping, and what girl doesn't, go shopping. I'm sure you will find something(s) you will want. If you want to go to an even, go to it. For those of you, like me, just out of the closet I do encourage you to attend Jim Bridges make over and fashion show events. Also, get made over. Jim calls himself a make over artist. I call him a magician. This man knows his stuff girls. You won't believe what he can do. I had more fun being made over by him and learned ( at least I tried to) how to really do my face while having fun. Be advised that Jim is very straightforward with you. He told me "That wig makes you look old.". Off went the wig I was wearing and he put another one on me. He let me try it on for a short time and all my friends I had made said the same thing - "That wig is you, girl". Totally different style and color from the one I had been wearing. Still wearing the new wig out too and a couple of staffs at a couple of the places I go here at home did NOT recognize me. That's the difference Jim can make. Bought one of his outfits with the same results.

Another thing about the Getaway is the people you will meet. Staff, other crossdressers, and just about anyone, are all nice. I told everyone that I was a newbie and I was nervous. Two minutes, if that long, later you never would have know it. I met a lot of other girls there. Both GG's and TG's. All were very nice to me. I met Dixie and Becca of course and still admire how they seem to make time for everybody. They told me the Getaway was for girls like us, newbies. Well, that might be so, but they have a lot of experienced crossdressers there and they all are willing to sit down and talk with you. Met a lot of nice girls that way and just sitting and listening to them will teach you a lot.

Also, you'd better go on a diet before going. The food is GOOD and not necessarily good for the figure (AHEM). Did not have a bad meal while there.

Having been to one, I can't wait for the next one. This will be the Fall 04 Getaway and Halloween occurs during it. Knowing Becca and Dixie and the hotel staff, this should be interesting. †Really, though, if you haven't been to a Getaway, you've missed out.

To Becca and Dixie and the hotel staff, my most sincere Thank You for a truly wonderful and inspiring time. Will see you this fall.


Email: twilhelm@satx.rr.com
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: christine waits
I am looking forward to my 5th En Femme Getaway. I could go on an on here about the experience. But instead I recommend you visit this link: www.transgression.com/Magazine/ViewArticleAbstract.aspx?ArticleId=10153 use the log in as guest, password guest. Its the article I wrote for Transgression Magazine at www.transgression.com it has several interviews with those persons that "make it work". You really owe this event to your self, see you this fall.
Date added: Dec 20, 2004

By: Ritha Amalia
very nice
Email: rithas2005@yahoo.com
Date added: Sep 29, 2006

By: Lance
My name is lance and I would love to attend something like this. I have never been out dressed as a lady. If any of you could help me in any way please email me at lance.mccoy21@yahoo.com
Email: lance.mccoy21@yahoo.com
Date added: Oct 11, 2010

By: LaNae
Re: The 'Getaway' is a Cruse this year: I'm not aware of any 2010 local Eureka event, this Halloween: I may visit the area anyway! LaNae
Email: mlanae@ymail.com
Date added: Oct 24, 2010

By: LaNae
Re: The 'Getaway' is a Cruse this year: I'm not aware of any 2010 local Eureka event, this Halloween: I may visit the area anyway! LaNae
Email: mlanae@ymail.com
Date added: Oct 24, 2010

By: Marlene
Can non passable Gurls go to this event ??
Date added: May 3, 2011

By: milenda
i plan to go to eureka for holloween this fall
Date added: Jul 17, 2011

By: milenda
i plan to go to eureka for holloween this fall
Date added: Jul 17, 2011

By: milenda
Went to eureka springs and had a really good time walking and shoping downtown even went to a bar people weree very nice and plan to go next year
Date added: Nov 13, 2011

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