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Name: Dr Christine McGinn

Description: MtF top/bottom, FtM top/bottom, FFS, Contra-hormone therapy, electrolysis, therapy, voice, law, fertility,

Category: MTF Surgeons

Date added: Feb 18, 2008

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User Reviews/Comments:

By: Melissa Alexander
I have my GRs scheduled with her this May, and I am glad I chose her. I was very impressed by facility and skill of her work from talking to others, and what sold me was my meeting with her and how comfortable I felt placing myself in her hands. Her follow up care is renowned and adds to the confidence. I look forward to having her perform this procedure that I have waited for my whole life. Melissa
Email: melissaalexander2008@live.com
Date added: Jan 15, 2009

By: Teresa
I am probably a bit predujiced but I am very proud to say I was Dr. McGinn's very first patient & couldn't be happier. Why did I choose an unknown? Basic instinct. When I first met her I just felt very comfortable with her & was impressed by her background. Remember she was TRAINED IN PLASTIC SURGERY. That was her specialty and that's whats on her diploma. She's highly skilled and I'm so glad I chose her. Also went on to have her do a labiaplasty 3 months later. I can highly recommend her & for electrolosis I also recommend her partner, Lisa Bortz. I had 4 sessions with her prior to surgery. I want to add that Dr. McGinn does wonderful follow-up care which I feel is often overlooked.
Email: sraaalma@aol.com
Date added: May 26, 2008

By: Beni
I had MTF GRS and BA performed in May 2008. I also was impressed with Dr. McGinn's experence and straight forward manner. She really took a personal interest in my follow up care. She is very skilled and that's seconded by Dr. Bowers who came into my room on my second day after surgery, so cool. I have no visible scars, and will not need a 2nd stage. My partner says the results are very nice and natural looking. I think so too Yes I'm very please.
Email: goldwinggirl@gmail.com
Date added: Aug 26, 2008

By: Sandra
I had my SRS in March of 2008. Dr. McGinn has a passion for wanting to help trans people. You feel that from the first moment you speak with her. I am very happy with my results!
Email: sandrazee@earthlink.net
Date added: Nov 28, 2008

By: Paige M.
I made the mistake of having Dr. McGinn a non board certified doctor perform my operation. She made a nice vagina however she has failed myself and about 7 others during the post op period at around three months post op. I had my operation Aug. 18, 2008, I am still having VALID medical problems now under the care of three other specialist. I'm looking at at least one more operation. Dr. McGinn wrote me and others off as having a mental health history and treated us like our issues were made up or not real. Trust me I have real post op problems which she turned her back on. I was due to have breast implants this week with her I of course did not keep her as my doctor. Post op care is as important if not more so and she delivers poor service. Her and Lisa are snide, rude, don't answer your questions. I would not send anyone there to see here and the doctors who are caring for me now are shocked she wrote off a valid medical issue thus leaving me hanging. If it takes 6 to 12 months to heal then she should be responding to your issues for that time period and not determin your issue is in your head. It's sad that the very first vagina she ever made looks better than what she is turning out today two plus years later. She and Lisa are condensending, rude, snide, bitchy at times, admitt no wrong and if told how you feel they turn their backs on you. Move on to someone else there are plenty out there who do as well if not better and who will not be stuck on themselves, treating you like they are better than you.
Email: pmd57@roadrunner.com
Date added: Aug 20, 2009

By: Paige M.
This is in follow up to my above comments. I had another operation with two different specialist on Oct. 14, 2009, to have them correct what Dr. McGinn messed up and failed to correct during my short post op with her. It took a reconstructive specialist as well as a specialist in urology to do what she should have done. Between these two specialist, my back and fort pre op visits from June until Oct, food, hotels, and the May trip to McGinns my $16,000 operation has cost me around $26,000. McGinn ( I don't label her a doctor any longer) is the most unprofessional, rude, cold, and unethical person I have encountered in my 52 years of life. I needed to listen to my inner voice when I had a issue with her prior to my consult but I did not. There are board certified SRS docs out there she is not the only one and you need not be given a bunch of assurances only to be turned away. She is not board certified after this long for a reason, think about it. She has never even taken the blame for anything that has gone wrong or even said I'm sorry I missed what I did or let me fix it or find someone to fix it for you. She grabs your money, takes care of you at the hospital and three months post op at best then she wants nothing to do with you after that or should a problem arise during post op. God help you if you have bi polar or boarderline disorder because she blames your issue with pain and the medical condition as being your mental health issue and says see about having your mental health meds adjusted to help with the pain. There is no such thing as mental health meds easing your pain and less so when there is a valid medical problem present. People just run, run as fast as you can find a board certified SRS doctor and stay away from the McGinn and Lisa scam and pony show. She took my money and did not provide a good chunk of what she promised she would.
Email: pmd57@uscellular.blackberry.com
Date added: Oct 23, 2009

By: morgan OSullivan
I would like to hear more comments on Dr McGinn, I am considering having her do my SRS surgery
Email: morgandidit@comcast.net
Date added: Sep 28, 2009

By: Paige M. Dumond
Sophie that is not magic in her eyes you see it's evil in disguise. I have had one additional operation due to McGinn's lack of post op care. I have just seen another gender doctor who states she did me no favors. I have to go back to him when I come up with $6,000 dollars for to have my clit redone, my urethia opening worked on, my area between the clit and vagina needs work as does my vagina opening and my lips. Folks, pick a board certified doctor so you will not go through what I have. Again, I can not stress this enough, there is a reason she has not sought out her certification after 2 plus years. I have had on MD, two specialist, and two gender doctors exam or treat me, all have stated she did me no favors and her post op care was shabbie. Find another doctor who is certified by his or her peers who have passed the test.
Email: pmd57@roadrunner.com
Date added: Dec 14, 2009

By: sophie
I am looking for more comments on Dr. McGinn as well. I have my surgery scheduled with her and feel pretty secure that she's the right one. Her eyes are full of magic. Does anyone know where I can find more images of the results of her SRS?
Date added: Nov 8, 2009

By: rita realist
i feel sorry for however goes to this doctor... she does her job and dont care about how you come out, shes frustrated beacuse hers came out horrible and now wants to butcher everyone else
Email: amy@aol.com
Date added: Dec 27, 2009

By: chel
i really wanted to have real vagina from MtF surgery,do i fell like a women in times of intercourse?
Email: chelarnaiz@ymail.com
Date added: Apr 4, 2010

By: Alena Neumann
If you feel like you have been discriminated on the basis of disability too by this surgeon please take the time to file a complaint under the ADA: How to File a Title III Complaint http://www.ada.gov/t3compfm.htm The statue of limitations for a Title III ADA complaint is 7 years, btw.
Email: uatn002@hotmail.com
Date added: Jun 16, 2010

By: Loretta Dumond
Dr. McGinn terminated my spouses post op care starting at the third month with it becoming worst at the fifth month. My spouse was unable to wear underware or pants every day and was in constant pain. Dr. McGinn appeared to assume her compliants were due to her boarderline disorder and not valid compliants. She stated in one email she worked with my spouse more than any other patient and it was because she was boarderline. My spouse has seen three other doctors plus another gender surgon all who have said she provided poor post op service. Do yourself and your trans partner a favor, find another doctor who is willing to work through VALID post op issues with the patient. She took our money then once a problem came up within the 12 month stated recovery period she refused to fix her errors. To add insult to injury this woman is a trans person herself yet she feels she can treat other trans in a poor manner and take their money without fixing them during the post op months. If you suffer from bi polar or boarderline, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DOCTOR. We are spending about another $8,000 to have her work corrected. This does not account for the trips to the other docs, the constent urinary problems, the pain in the clit area. She never admitted a mistake, never offered to fix things, she never offered a partial refund, she only turned nasty and denied any wrong doing.
Email: lad57@roadrunner.com
Date added: Jun 20, 2010

By: Rachel
I had my operation with this doctor. She gave me nothing but a hard time on answering my post op issues, she acted as if I were bothering her, sometimes she never returned my calls or emails. I know one post op person who is a good friend and she left her with post op problems and mistakes which now have to be fixed by someone else because she decided to become pissed off and wrote this person off as her medical issue being all in her head and not real issues. It's one thing if the doctor admits the error and offer to fix it or offers some sort of refund but to take a spoiled little girl attitude is just wrong. If we are told we could have post op issues for a period of six to twelve months then the doctor should fix your issues during this time period. Find another doctor there are plenty out there who will take care of you post op and not wash her hands of you after about three months which what she did with me as well.
Email: rg@yahoo.com
Date added: Jun 20, 2010

By: Leda Blanchette
I am a female by birth as well as a good friend of Paige for some 15+ years. I have sat back silent on Dr. McGinn however I no longer am able to sit silent only to have others go to her for the most important operation of their lives. I have seen first hand the pain my friend went through, the repeated trips to PA in hopes of Dr. McGinn fixing things only to have nothing done. Her clit was buried under the skin and is now surrounded by scar tissue, her urethra opening you can stick a pencil in thats how wide it is, her lips are broken down so it's now just excess skin with no definition to the lips at all. They look like that dog who has a lot of skin that hangs loose. She was also left with a partial prolapse of her vag. I am no expert but I know a bad job when I see one. Someone should go after this so called SRS doctor and take action against her. To not fix your errors and work with your patient telling them nothing is wrong it's in her head is wrong. Top that with taking $16,000+ and leaving a patient like this is just wrong. She never admitted a mistake, she never offered to fix Paige, she never offered a refund of any kind to assist her in being repaired by someone else. It is clear when you look at the final job she took Pagie's money then when valid medical problems came up around the 4th and 5th month she denied anything was wrong and blamed it on a boardline issue which was not the case at all. Paige attempted to work with her until such time the doctor alluded to the fact it was not a medical issue it was a mental issue. Future patients I have nothing to gain on this I do owe you all the facts and what type of job she did on Paige. Please find another doctor this one does not deserve your money. This type of operation carries all kinds of post op issues and she will expect you to go away after about three months.
Email: lrd57@roadrunner.com
Date added: Jun 20, 2010

By: Rachel
Dr. McGinn was my surgeon in January of this year, and as I read some of the above comments, it's as if we are all taking about two different doctors. She has been so superb my entire journey I feel blessed. Being sixty years old I would imagine my surgery would not be the easiest, but my results are beyond my wildest dreams. She called repeatily pre-surgery, and took great care to address any problem I had. On the morning of my surgery, she spent those few extra minutes sharing with me before I was wheeled in, and nine hours later as I awoke in my room, she was right there smiling down, asking how I felt. My recovery was wonderful, and I have flown back to New Hope for every checkup. Each visit she has spent as much time with me as I needed, answering all of my questions completely. My emails are usually answered within hours, not days, so all of the above comments about communication leave me very puzzled. I spent years choosing my surgeon, and feel whole-heartedly that not only did I make the right choice, I made the perfect choice.
Email: rab@metrocast.net
Date added: Oct 15, 2010

By: Sharon
I desperately need and want M2F surgery.Please can you help me +919746751513.I did to know how I maybe get some funding for this if possible
Email: larvinsharon.sharon82@gmail.com
Date added: Aug 3, 2010

By: jennifer
I desperately need and want MtF surgery.Please can you help me. I am in need of where i can find some help with funding for this if possible
Email: jtofmc@hotmail.com
Date added: Aug 13, 2010

By: Al
I am a FTM patient of Dr. Mcginn. She is an excellent surgeon and took wonderful care of me from start to finish. I have to say that EVERY patient will heal differently and for anyone to blame the doctor is childish and immature. I'm speaking as a patient who did have some complications, this could have been from genetics or the fact that I used to be a smoker I never blamed the doctor. Being transgendered we set certain standards for ourselves and we expect as perfect as possible results. Life isn't perfect and we all need to take the good with the bad. I'm not saying complications are not a serious matter and heart breaking after all the time and money has been spent,just remember there are always two sides to every story. I work in the medical field and deal with patients on a daily basis so I do have first hand experience. Lastly to anyone looking for a surgeon, do your homework and talk to as many people as you can. Good luck, Al
Date added: Aug 15, 2010

By: Chloe
I have nothing but praise for Dr. McGinn. She has given me some of the best post-op care I could have ever asked for. My results are fantastic and I couldn't be happier. Dr. McGinn made my dreams come true and she is my hero. <3
Date added: Aug 18, 2010

By: Chloe
Dr. McGinn was my surgeon and provided for me some of the best post-op care I could have ever asked for. She is an artist with her work, a compassionate and caring person, and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I would go to her again, and I'm very happy I chose her to be my surgeon.
Email: chloe@gmail.com
Date added: Aug 18, 2010

I myself have had a consuklt with Dr.McGinn herself and have nothing but high praise for her , and i have seen her work UPCLOSE AND I HAVE TO SAY SHE IS A PHENOMEN.........AMAAAAAAAAZING SURGEON!!!!!
Email: RED001@AOL.COM
Date added: Aug 18, 2010

By: someone concerned
Dear page, first off i want to say, i am so sorry for your complications, and your feelings regarding the outcome of your recent surgery. That being said, i realize you are frustrated but when you talk the way you do, you do a great disservice to the trans community not only regarding those wanting to have surgery but those that have with Dr Mcginn, but for all in the future that want to by qualified surgeons who care about what they are doing... First off she is board certified AOA (American Osteopathic Association) certification can be found on http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Christine_Mcginn.html besides that, you cause a panic for those in the throws of their own recovery, not to mention people like you who search your whole life and want, even if you did pay for it, some idea of expectation, from something that is so individually responsive.. WOW, you are really special, how many girls out there, did not even remotly get functionality, appearance like we do today, that doctors could keep learning? Do you know the history of why usa stopped, because of people like you, where surgeons and drs were affraid of the patient.. You have had by your account a terrible result, and i know you are bad mouthing dr mcginn because of your personal frustration, but it is just that, your personal account. i hope you will realize especially in situations likes this you need to stop your selfishness or atleast keep it to yourself... ps... i have had her service and i think she is as wonderful, and produced results i could on have dared to imagine..
Date added: Aug 19, 2010

By: Allie
Up until January, I was a patient of Dr. McGinn's. I had been getting my HRT through her, had my only electro sessions with her assistant and partner, Lisa, and was planning on going to her for SRS. For the majority of my time there, I had a very positive experience, with Dr. McGinn even going to bat against my parents at one point when they demanded my medical records. However, there were a few things that bugged me, mainly communication between myself and her office/her. It was not uncommon that I would email her, and not receive a response for days, or call her and not get a call back for weeks. Eventually I started being a bit of a pest, and got a similar response to that which a friend of mine got, which was "Stop emailing/calling so much!" Whenever I would call, odds were good that she would be in surgery for the day or somesuch, which being a doctor, made sense. What didn't make sense was that even when I would tell her when I was available, she wouldn't call. It got to the point that I was giving her my social and work schedule for the next two weeks, because I couldn't be sure when she would call. Another issue I faced was keeping everything "straight", you could say. Since I was a patient of hers, they had all my information (Address, phone, etc.) on file. However, despite watching them update it several times, they still sent mailings to my former addresses (I moved twice while I was a patient of hers) which resulted in me not getting some critical things, but more on that later. She also did not take correction well. In one case, I was out of spiro, and rang in to get a prescription. I’d learned that I needed to give her at least two weeks lead time to get back to me, and eventually they mailed out a prescription. So I waited for that…and waited…and waited. I didn’t get it after a week, when most of her mailings reached me inside of two days. When I called in to verify that they’d sent them out, she started asking me if I’d received them and lost them, and said that she would write up a new script and send it out, but that it would cost me 10 dollars each time she had to do that. Just to make sure I got it, I had her verify my address, and found out they had sent it to one of my previous addresses. I corrected her, and she asked me why I hadn’t notified the office, to which I responded that I had notified the office at least three times in email, and once in person. She brushed me off and sent out the prescription. The other main issue was that when she would respond to any deviations from what she expected with (to my mind) hostility and suspicion. Now, by way of example, let me explain why I use those words. Back when I got my 6 month labs for my HRT, my estrogen showed up as extremely (in the thousands range) high. I’d had a rough time getting these labs anyway, since they tested the sample repeatedly in a different part of the country, and I didn’t get it back for roughly two weeks. When we finally got the labs back, Dr. McGinn called, and the first words out of her mouth were “Have you been taking any estrogen that I haven’t prescribed to you?” She then tried to get me to admit that I was taking extra estrogen, when it turned out she’d prescribed a MUCH higher dose than she’d intended. She denied it, despite me having the bag for the cream that she prescribed with the dosage on it. We wrote it off as a fluke, but not before she spent roughly half an hour explaining to me exactly how bad it was to take extra estrogen, and subtly hinting that I should stop taking whatever extra I had.
Date added: Sep 6, 2010

By: Allie
Then, when I was getting my 24 month labs drawn, all hell broke loose. She’d sent me the slips, and due to personal circumstances, and her policy of going through my primary care doc, I couldn’t get my labs done exactly when she wanted them, but got them a week later. By this point, I was out of estrogen, and was fast running out of spiro. I got my blood drawn, and waited to hear from her. After a week, she still hadn’t gotten back to me, and by this point, I was out of spiro. I was ok with being off spiro for a while, but not for an extended period of time. After the week of waiting, she finally called, and was accusing me of cheating on my meds because my estrogen level was high again. She brought up that it could could testicular cancer, and that I would need to be tested for that. After swearing that I wasn’t taking extra estrogen, she told me that she would need to retest me, and that she would mail me a prescription slip for new labs. She told me she’d reach out to my GP to confirm what was getting done. I was confused about a couple of things, not the least of which was keeping me OFF my hormones. So I sent her this email: Quote:“I'm writing in reference to our conversation on 1/8/10, where we reviewed my results from my bloodwork. Just to recap, you expressed considerable concern that my estrogen levels were approximately 20 times what they should be, and said that you would be reaching out to my GP and informing her that you were ordering tests for testicular cancer. You said until that point that you would not renew my prescriptions for estrogen, or spironolactone. I understand that you are justifiably concerned that my levels for estrogen are well over what should be. I also understand that you believe that I am augmenting the hormones that you are prescribing to me with another supply, and that that explains the high readings. However, as I stated, I am not supplementing my dosages. I do not have the prescription bag on me right now, so I cannot give you the exact dosages that you prescribed, but I have been taking that, and only that, along with the spironolactone. I'm concerned about a number of things, not the least of which is the effects that going off my medications could have on me both in the short term and in the long term. I have already been off my estrogen for at least one month, if not more, and ran out of spironolactone on 1/5/10. While I acknowledge the possibility of placebo, I have already noticed several effects from going off the spironolactone, not the least of which is that my ADD has gotten worse, which was being held in check partially by concerta, but also by my HRT in allowing me to halve my dosage of concerta and achieve the same effect. I've also been noticing that I am much more short-tempered with people over the past few days, and that my mood has darkened, but not to the point where I would be inclined to harm myself or others. I've also been having horrific nightmares that started last night. In short, my mood is going down, my temper is going up, and my ADD is getting worse. It's something that I'm worried could affect my performance at work. In regards to the tests for testicular cancer, I must confess to being a little worried and concerned. I have not had a chance to view insurance, but I'm moderately certain that they have me listed as female in their records. Now, while many people that I know prove otherwise, Aetna would not expect to be billed for tests that are almost biologically impossible for a client who's listed as female. I'm concerned that they could cancel my coverage over that. I suppose what I'm asking is, what would the reason be for taking me off the spironolactone? I understand that you must practice the medical equivalent of due diligence, however, but as a transwoman yourself, you must understand how it feels to be working on hormones that are alien to you, and to be frightened of what damage they could do to you. I would feel much better about being off my meds if I had a reason, if that makes any sense. If you could please give me a call after work so we could discuss these concerns, I'd greatly appreciate it.” Her response (two days later) was Quote:“I attempted to phone you today but received a recorded message. I have read your email and unfortunately, I am obligated to stop treatment completely until we have determined the cause of your estrogen level being 20 times the expected level. Any further administration of CHT will only cloud the issue. You were instructed to obtain a test as soon as possible per of our conversation on January 8. My choices in medical management of your case is not determined by your insurance concerns. An estradiol level is a very common test for a woman and I do not follow your logic about being viewed as a man by your insurance company if you have an estradiol test. Your well being is of the upmost concern to me. I am sorry that you are having nightmares and mood swings, but I can assure you that it is most likely due to an estrogen level 20 times normal and not a lack of spironolactone. As I have repeated to you several times, time is of the essence in getting this estrogen level. Your lack of concern and timeliness in obtaining this test is puzzling to me. If you are not tested by the end of the week, I will assume you are refusing treatment from me and going against medical advice. “ I waited 5 days, and never got a prescription slip for labs. So I sent her emails and calls, and eventually got fed up with waiting, so I called my GP and got them to test me for every conceivable sex hormone. I got my blood drawn, and sent away to be tested. And guess what. The lab slip showed up from my old apartment, where they’d sent it. By this point, my testosterone was coming back with a vengeance. I was loosing fights with my steering wheel (from punching it), snapping and picking fights with my boyfriend, my roommate, and my customers at work. It got so bad that I actually got reprimanded at work (where I’m stealth) for my behavior towards customers. I sent her an email bugging her, and got a response of “She’s reviewing the labs, just wait.” She was so gung-ho for me to get these tests…then makes me wait. For a week and a half. Then she sends me an email saying to call her later that evening, so I do. She tells me that my estrogen levels are that of a natal females, even after I’ve been off estrogen for a month and a half AND spiro for almost a month. She didn’t test for testicular cancer, and was convinced that the only way I was getting a normal level like that was, you guessed it, taking injections of estrogen in addition to the meds she was giving me. I wish I’d recorded the call, because she said that she flat out didn’t believe that I was following her instructions. She then dropped me as a patient because “I clearly had no intention of following the medical guidelines she was establishing, and the requests she was making”. I went home and ordered spiro and estradiol from inhouse that night for the second time ever, the first having been before I even met her.
Date added: Sep 6, 2010

By: Leda Blanchette
Stay away from this doctor, just stay away, do yourself a favor. She is trans and could care less about the trans people she has not to mention the bad post op care.
Email: lrd57@roadrunner.com
Date added: Sep 18, 2010

By: Lea
I am going to use Dr McGinn for my MTF surgery. I can not find any formal complaints on her. See seems to be a very good and caring Doctor and helps a lot by keeping the costs down.
Email: lea.happe@yahoo.com
Date added: Oct 13, 2010

By: En
I have been under Dr. McGinn's care for my CHT since January of this year. Aside from a slight miscommunication at the beginning, my experiences have been uneventful. I have not had any issues with hormone levels being severely out of range (at my six month test in August, I was in normal female range.) Dr. McGinn has contacted me twice personally to discuss my progress, and her assistant Kristal has contacted me once. All the conversations were cordial, informative and satisfying. Sarah at the front desk always recognizes me if I call, and is an absolute sweetheart. I have spoken to two people who had their surgery with her, and both were very pleased with the results. I consulted with her for both GCS (which she will be doing) and FFS (she referred me to Dr. Spiegel because I needed extensive brow work which she does not do.) She was EXTREMELY thorough in explaining all the procedures I asked about, as well as the Cross-hormone therapy, and a few things I did not think of. My impression is that she is a very competent, knowledgeable, progressive surgeon who is truly concerned with providing her patients with the best possible care. I think that because the Papillion Center has been so successful, her office/practice has gone through some growing pains that resulted in some communication issues, which I did personally experience, but seem to have been resolved. I do plan to ask her quite a few more questions before setting a definite surgery date, but barring any official complaints against her, I am satisfied in selecting her to do my GCS. I do not completely dismiss the claims made by those who've had bad outcomes, but I also understand that it's rash to base a decision like this solely on anecdotal accounts on a website. I will watch her performance over the next year with great interest.
Date added: Oct 18, 2010

By: Rachel B.
Dr. McGinn performed my surgery in January of this year, and in reading the above comments, it almost sounds like we are taking about two different people. My experience was about as wonderful as I could have hoped for. During the months preceding, she would call to see how I was doing. On the morning of my surgery, she spent those extra few moments with me before I was wheeled in, and later that afternoon, as I opened my eyes in my room, her smiling face was right there, asking how I felt. My results are superb, better than I could have possibly imagined. I have traveled back to New Hope for every one of my checkups, and she has spent all the time needed to answer every single question I have had. My emails are usually answered within hours, not days, so I am totally perplexed by some of the above comments. I spent years choosing my surgeon, and I can say with all of my heart, I feel that I not only made the right choice, I made the perfect choice.
Email: rab@metrocast.net
Date added: Oct 21, 2010

By: Jenna Morgan
I am having my consuly done by Dr. Mcginn,I haven't met her yet,but I have done a lot of research on many doctors,I know she is the Dr. I want to perform my SRS surgery, I realize she has many patients,not to say one is more important than the other, I also know she is human and doing an honorable service! I think if you are not happy with your surgury I'm sure there are other things to do than bad mouth online the surgen. That to me is immature. I'm not being judgemental but if I had knee surgery and i wasn't happy with the outcome I would not think badly of the surgen. I believe being more of a Lady about the situation, there are channels to approach every situation. I'v not found any reason not to at least listen to her and her staff, I am very proud of her personal accomplishments, and am pleased there are women like her who perform this service! And If in my opinion Dr. Mcginn was not qualified A(highly) she wouldn't have as many patients as she does. But in the end of the day I think we need to ask ourselves, does bad mouthing a doctor really do any good or bad, No I don't think so. Everything I've read is positive, The public service she provides, the seminars and besides her drive that gets her up every day to make dreams come true!
Email: jennamorgan23@yahoo.com
Date added: Dec 9, 2010

By: Paula
I called dr mcginn's office and someome named Lisa would not answer any general questions until I had a consult for 150 bucks. What crap! I investigated the claims others have made here. The people praising this person only do it to counter the truth. So maybe no one has sued her yet. There are many people that have have issues with her. Snide and rude with personal frustration, is the common denominator I hear from others. Make you you own educated judgment call and due dilgence...you were warned. Respectfully Paula.
Date added: Nov 30, 2010

By: Jill
I'm considering surgery with Dr. McGinn. These allegations are very disturbing but it seems like many of them are written by the same person using alternate ID's. Can you say mental problem?
Date added: Jan 5, 2011

By: Debbie
I am considering surgery with Dr. McGinn, Dr. Preecha or Dr. Saran. My consideration with Dr. McGinn is for obvious reasons while the prospect of completing my transition with either Dr. Preecha or Dr. Saran at a fraction of the cost seems very appealing. Can anyone offer information on any or all 3 of these surgeons so that I may be able to make the best choice of surgeons? many thanks
Date added: Jan 13, 2011

By: Anonymous
I have to be perfectly honest about something. I have a consultation in June 2011 with Dr. Christine McGinn and I'm just about ready to cancel this consultation because I'm now quite frightened of "Outcome". The surgery I was going to have performed was FTM Top Surgery which I'm afraid will be "Botched". What makes this so sad is, I was looking so "Forward" to having this "Procedure" done and now it's as though the air has been let out of me which is absolutely terrible. I know Dr. McGinn is a Transgender MTF which doesn't quite give her the "Maternal" mind that a "Real Woman" would have and maybe because she was originally born "Male" she lacks the "Patience" that a "Female Dr. would normally have. I have mostly "Male" Dr's and I love them all but they can't hide there lack of "Patients" no matter how hard they try because they are "Male" and sometimes don't have the patients for "women" in general and maybe that is what some Transgender people are picking up on as far as her "Disposition" goes. Technically, the mind of a "Man" still resides in her head and maybe she doesn't have the patience for a bunch of "Whiny" MTF Transgender men who are basically frustrated females wannabees. I don't know what to think at this point about even making a trip down to New Hope. I'm actually scared. I may be a FTM Transgender patient, but I know in my heart nothing will ever take the Maternal Mind away from me no matter how many body parts are changed, just as you will never take the Man (Dr. McGinn) out of the mind. I'm so disolutioned. I just hope I can find someone good in NYC because I'm fearful now after reading all these failed surgeries mostly with MTF Transgenders. I have a lot to think about. Not good
Date added: Apr 11, 2011

By: Allison W
I've just returned from a visit with a surgeon to do corrective surgery that McGinns technique creates. Many of the comments above allude to her not providing after care as paid for as part of the package she offers as well as complications. This is utter truth. Her aftercare is nothing short of scandalous and in my opinion malpractice. She simply doesn't provide aftercare. The surgeon I spoke with has apparently done quite a few repairs on McGinns work and technique and bluntly stated that the technique will result in skin necrosis in some pretty important areas if not repaired. He was disturbed by her continual use of a procedure that has become well outdated and known to cause issues. He also noted that she never attends professional learning conferences in the trans physician community so she is never looking at updating what she is doing. I unfortunately require the corrective surgery to stop being in pain as well as bleeding. This will be an additional amount of cash that I don't have, (over $6500) that frankly should not have occurred if she were updating her knowledge and skills. I found Dr. McGinn to be a Jeckll and Hyde figure. Really super easy and nice in the beginning prior to the surgery, reckless, threatening and indifferent right after surgery, and hostile if challenged. Her recommendations after surgery border on malpractice and her lack of care for me was reckless. Most of the primary medical staff I have received my aftercare from recommended I file a medical board complaint against her. After surgery, I had some considerable pain. When she was questioned and asked to alternate the pain medication due to it not working, she snapped back that I needed a pain management specialist and that it would cost more money. She also stated she never had a patient like me which I simply can't believe. After a very long argument, she grudgingly changed the pain medication which worked for a few days. 4 of the individuals who stayed with me and helped before during and after the surgery said she was being incompetent and didn't know what she was talking about. 2 of the individuals are medical professionals currently in practice so I value their opinions highly. After 2 months, I was still in pain. I went back to see what could be done and she refused to do anything sending me back to my primary care for any medical treatment and told me to go to a pain management specialist. She also suggested using Chili Oil to dampen the pain which if applied would have caused excruciating pain. (She said this in front of another professional who went with me so it's not hearsay folks. Actual fact that she recommended.) My primary and endocrinologist thought she was out of her mind. Her office staff is nothing short of rude and abhorrent. Questions are usually met with a nice answer before surgery, and a sharp answer after or just prior to surgery. I did my homework on selecting her, and directly visited and spoke to some of the girls that went through surgery. She was a mistake to go to plain and simple The hospital she uses and the anesthesiologists are quite alarming. Having had some very professional doctors who have done significant surgeries on me, I found the anesthesiologists to be cold and indifferent. There was no warning of when I was being put under. Given I know a few anesthesiologists, this was completely unprofessional. I simply found myself waking up in pain being wheeled to the room. I never saw recovery and doubt there was any time in the recovery room. Excuses abounded as to why I ended up going directly from O.R. to the room. Some strange claim that another patient was taking up the time in recovery so they moved me to the floor (you mean only one patient in Recovery can be cared for at a time??? Definitely alarming). I find the explanation unsettling and highly questionable. Most of the nursing staff are okay. We had a couple nurses that were goofing off and didn't provide pain medication or needed services on time. Sometimes being out and unavailable for over an hour or more even when they were repeatedly spoken to concerning pain medications. Just a quick note - I would consider sitting in pain for several hours not a great idea for this surgery! The hospital is okay, but the cleanliness is questionable as is some of the nursing staff on the floor. My personal recommendation is to find a surgeon who is competent and I would not classify Dr. McGinn as competent. If you plan on using McGinn, don't count on her for any aftercare and make sure your primary can do everything you may need. Have a backup plan in place that should she continue her pattern, you can have an alternate surgeon take over. (It took me several months to find a good alternate surgeon who had time and willingness to see me.) Final Recommendation: Don't hurt yourself. Find somebody else.
Email: allison.woolbert@gmail.com
Date added: Jun 2, 2011

By: DustyDeath
I feel that Dr. McGinn performed a wonderful and artistic miracle with my SRS. I had surgery at the end of 2009 and it was difficult due to prior damage to the surgical area (a completely different story). I feel as though I presented a challenge to her and I feel that she did exceptionally well and that the outcome is really a lot better than I thought it would be and what it may have been. Furthermore, I do have a wide variety of mental health issues which I can admit and can acknowledge that they often make me a challenging and difficult patient. I found Dr. McGinn was patient with me, eased a lot of my anxiety with humor and comforted me during the worst of the process... and I say this after having spent the entirety of 2010 with surgical complications. The mistake I made was in that I only went back to her for one post-op follow up and instead "trusted" my local caregivers who were surface-level understanding but in reality did not have a clue what they were doing. If I could do the entire process over, I would chose Dr. McGinn all over again, I would be a better patient and I would have planned ahead to make more visits to Papillon... and I also would have done a better job with self-care during the first 6 weeks. As it turns out, I do need additional surgery to correct several complications -- I cannot afford to do so now, but when I can, I will be going back to Dr. McGinn. She is a good and compassionate surgeon...
Email: djkw@mindspring.com
Date added: Jun 3, 2011

By: Verena
I just had my gender confirmation surgery with Doctor McGinn about a month ago and am still "fresh" and in recovery phase. I just read these posts out of curiosity, and I am a little stunned by the claims that Doctor McGinn allegedly does not provide post-op care. When I was discharged, the importance of post-op care was explicitly emphasized to me by her office, and I scheduled my first follow-up appointment right away. Any question I had during my hospital stay, any concern I had, in the hospital and in the office, got answered, no call has been left unreturned, no e-mail unanswered. I am confident and feel that I am in good hands. I am happy Doctor McGinn is my doctor, but I am also aware that sometimes a doctor's standards and a patient's expectations don't match. It is not up to me to decide whether the accusations made in some posts are true or not - but I think that spitting rage in an open forum leads to nowhere. A considerable number of my friends have McGinn as their doctor, and they are all extremely happy, have their post-op care, and I sincerely doubt that we are the 'lucky few.' Unfortunately, there is no provider of any service that has a 100 % satisfaction rate, and that includes surgeons. Whether that is always the surgeon's fault, or anyone's fault, is questionable. (that doesn't mean I'm not sorry if discomfort is experienced by anyone) I continue to favor Doctor McGinn, based on my own experiences and those made by my friends.
Email: dkverena@yahoo.com
Date added: Jul 17, 2011

By: Jamie Nicole
@ Debbie- I used Dr. Saran and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He has perfect bedside manner, is very passionate about what he does, really cares about his patients and truly is a gifted surgeon. I've got nearly 7" of depth and trust me, he didnt have much to work with. I also considered Dr. Preecha at PAI. My advice is dont use him. He no longer performs surgery. However, he does scrub in but he supervises a jr surgeon who may or may not have "the gift." If there is one thing that Dr. Saran realizes, it's this: in addition to being a patient, you are a customer! Ying, his patient coordinator, is remarkable! She would often bring me fresh fruit and treats while I was in post op recovery...... I dont know anything about McGinn or her skill. But I will say that Dr. Saran truly is a remarkable, skilled and passionate surgeon. Dr. Saran could easily charge what US surgeons charge but he sets his prices so that it is affordable for all. save your money, go to Thailand (where TG's are 100% accepted in society), enjoy another culture and have a patient experience like no other!
Date added: Aug 17, 2011

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