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Using Emoticons

If you see the message: Do you want to trust the signed applet distrubuted by "Jpilot Software Company"?
You must click on yes in order for the chat to function

Choose an Action
Accuse someone Agree with someone Appoligize to someone Arch eyebrow at someone Beam at someone
Bearhug someone Blink innocently at someone Blow a kiss to someone Bonk someone Cackle at someone
Cheer at someone Chuckle at someone Comfort someone Conspire with someone Cry
Cuddle with someone Dance around the room Drool at someone Embrace someone Falls down laughing
French kiss someone Gack at someone Get a piggy back ride from someone Grin at someone Grin evilly at someone
Grin Mischievously at someone Grovel before someone High5 someone Laugh at someone Laugh out loud
Laugh out loud at someone Lean on someone Look at someone serenely Moon someone Net Someone!
Pause to consider Peck someone on the cheek Poke someone Pout Purr at someone
Return to chat Run from someone Scream insanely Scribble on the walls Show someone puppy dog eyes
Sighs at someone Smack someone Smile Smile at someone Smile happily at someone
Smile warmly at someone Smooch someone Snore Snuggle with someone Softly kiss someone
Spam Squeal at someone Squirm because of someone Streak! Sulk in the corner
Sweep someone off their feet Swoon because of someone Tease someone Warmly embrace someone Weep becuase of someone
Wink Yawn      

If the description contains the word someone you must first highlight one of the nicks from the userlist from the chat before clicking on it