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Site News

If your site is listed in the TGPortal and you would like to have the ability to modify and update your listing. Send linkstaff at susans dot org a email with the link url in question, your email address (must match whatever email addresss is listed on your web page), and include a password. I will modify the the link so you can edit it as much as you desire.

Our Links Editor has established a new links directory under health. It is named "Therapists and Counselors." The directory currently includes the USA and its states, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Other countries will be added based on input.

Our aim is to develop a readily accessible list of mental health professionals, preferably those who are transgender friendly and knowledgeable of gender identity and expression issues and of the HBIGDA (now WPATH) Harry Benjamin Standards of Care (SOC).

Susan's Place members are probably the best source of information concerning such professionals. In particular, you know whether or not your therapist/counselor or a family member's is supportive of gender variant people.

Please provide as much of the following information as possible, but don't let a lack of an item keep you from responding:

Name and credentials (e.g., LCSW, PhD, MSW, etc.)
Address, including any clinic or other organizational name
Phone Number
Email address, if available
Website, if applicable

Please post the information to this email address

An important part of one's transgender or intersex journey is to help others. Sharing information about supportive professional care is a great way to help our community. Your input is both vital and appreciated.

I am looking for TG writers who would be interested in contributing articles and stories for posting on Susan's Place. If you are interested in submitting material please send it in a word or html format via email to Susan Articles that provide assistance to the transgender community will receive extra consideration.

These may be make-up tips, clothing information, medical information, and many other topics.

I am always interested in volunteers who are willing to help with what needs done.

Help can be:
  • The adding new and useful links to the TG Portal
  • Gathering text resources for the library
  • Designing unique graphical images
  • Writing articles, tips, tricks, or FAQ's

I am occasionally looking for volunteer moderators both for the chat and the forums. Many more opportunities exist to help out. If you are interested contact Susan via email with a offer to help.

This website is here to provide support and assistance to the Transgender community and those who love us. We strive to provide important services to the entire transgender spectrum including TS's, CD's, TV's, SO's and yes even admirers. Our forums are used to discuss a wide variety of topics on a ever changing basis. Information to be found in our library there ranges from coming out of the closet to sex change surgery. Our chat is a secure medium to contact other transgendered people and to discuss your daily lives.

I appreciate any Feedback on what you believe I can do to improve this web site. Please report any problems you encounter. Please be sure to tell your friends about to Susan's Place.

Thank you,
Susan Larson

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