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1. Jeremy Schwartz, LCSW
LGBTQ-focused therapist trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Provides individual and couples counseling. Also facilitates DBT skills group specifically for queer and trans community. More Info....
From: Healthcare/Therapists and Counselors/USA/New York
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2. TGSF - Transgender San Francisco
TransGender San Francisco is a non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the educational, social, and recreational needs of the transgender community. TGSF is also dedicated to educating the general public about transgenderism and promoting a positive image of transgender persons among the general public. More Info....
From: Local Support Groups and Organizations/North America/United States/California
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3. Emancipated Electrolysis LLC
Rochester, NY specialized in trans* related electrolysis. Extended hours, marathon sessions and bulk discounts available. More Info....
From: Healthcare/Electrolysis/USA/New York
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4. Shop Online for Larger Size Shoes for Women
Isy B. Shoes makes shopping for larger size shoes better for women with big feet. Search & shop over 250 large size shoe retailers worldwide to find your perfect shoes in sizes 10 to 16. Review a store or add more stores to help other women do the same. More Info....
From: Shopping/Shoes
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5. MindNet - Mental Health Forum
A forum offering peer to peer support for mental health issues. More Info....
From: Links Directory/Forums and Social networks
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6. Palo Alto Electrolysis
I have been doing business in the Bay area for almost 30 years. It's been my pleasure to work on the most wonderful people I have ever known. I feel so happy when a client is feeling better about their appearance. I offer complimentary consultations, and physician referrals are available upon request. Many Thanks! Cynthia More Info....
From: Healthcare/Electrolysis/USA/California
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7. My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand-SRS
Annie and David of SkyTV's'Ladyboys'have a business in Bangkok in which we take care of clients who want to have cosmetic surgery or SRS.Our service and help is completely free to you.If you would like to chat and find out more just email us or take a look at the website. More Info....
From: Healthcare/Health Services (General Practice)
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8. Feminzation voice change
I recently had feminization voice change with Dr. Haben in Rochester NY, and it turned out even better than I had hoped. He is a true artist with voice surgery. A big shout out to all my girlfriends here who recommended him. Thank you thank you thank you. More Info....
From: Help and How-to/Voice therapy and training
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9. M2F Transgender Learning Center
Articles and videos for M2F trans people. Topics include coming out, lifestyle and confidence, style and fashion, and workplace etiquette and wardrobe tips. More Info....
From: Articles/Transgender Issues
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10. My Red Pill
Follow the life of a Transgender Personal trainer and instructor. Lets talk about hormones, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss! More Info....
From: Blogs and personal websites
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