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1. Alaskan Cross Dresser Store
Studio D is Alaska's premiere makeover studio. We have wigs, clip-ons/ breast pads, shoes, makeup, and more. By appointment. Discreet location. (907)529-6099. Photos, Makeovers and transformation for every stlye and budget. More Info....
From: Shopping/Transformations
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2. Ask A Trans Woman
A blog for anyone to ask questions to an LGBT activist/former EMT/someone who's been studying the trans* movement and the science behind GID, transitioning and trans women. Anonymous questions are ok - just be mature and sincere. More Info....
From: Articles
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3. MTF SRS Asia Clinic Thailand
Most amazing Dr and his staff. see full details on my blog and his link. More Info....
From: Blogs and personal websites/Personal websites/Trans Women
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4. Large Volume Hair Removal
Our technique is designed to assist with large volume hair removal needs,that occur in the transgender community. The Zukowski Center provides comfort to our clients with pain relief options Prescription Strength Topical Lidocaine,Intravenous Sedation,Nerve Block More Info....
From: Healthcare/Electrolysis/USA/Illinois
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5. Beauty Med (Thailand) Co.LTD.
Beauty Med Thailand prides itself on strict adherence to the highest ethical standards and excellent patient care.  Depending upon the type of elective surgery you will undergo, you can expect a short period of hospitalization and then an extended rest period.  (warning: customer service chat app makes notification sound and is a pop-up) More Info....
From: Healthcare/Gender confirmation surgeons/Thailand
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6. Style In Heels
Style In Heels specializes in supplying elegant and classic women's shoes for people with large feet More Info....
From: Shopping/Shoes
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7. The Woman in the Mirror
Fundraiser for Documentary film about Transwomen, and how transitioning affected their personal and professional lives. More Info....
From: Articles/Transgender Issues
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8. lgbtivillage
lgbtivillage helps people to communicate between each of us. It is a social network. Everybody who feels concerned can join this network for free. More Info....
From: Links Directory/Forums and Social networks
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9. FTM Top Surgery / MTF Augmentation in San Francisco
Dr. Scott Mosser is committed to sensitivity and excellence in service to the transgender community. We provide top surgery and body contouring procedures, and welcome patients in a warm, judgement free environment More Info....
From: Healthcare/Plastic surgery/United States
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10. Woods Online
The online retail store of Woods of Morecambe. Supplying bras, panties, corselettes, girdles, suspenders, & more. More Info....
From: Shopping/Apparel/Corsets and Girdles
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