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We stand at the crossroads of gender balanced on the sharp edge of a knife.

        Once a C/D has discovered his joy lies in wearing women's
        clothing, and he decides to engage in this exciting pastime,
        one of the first problems that he will encounter is finding his
        proper women's clothing size.

        Unfortunately, not all crossdressers have a wife or girlfriend
        who is the same size or even close enough so that one could guess
        the right size. So finding clothes that fit may present a rather
        serious problem. Buying different sizes of clothing until one
        finds the correct size can be not only frustrating, but downright

        The following size conversion chart at least gives you a place to

                        What's your opposite sex size?
              (A conversion chart for well-dressed female ego)

                               Clothing sizes

        Miss or      Bust/chest       Waist          Hips          Men's
        Woman's      (inches)        (inches)**     (inches)       size
          4          30/30-1/2       21/21-1/2      32/32-1/2       ***
          6          31/31-1/2       22/22-1/2      33/33-1/2       ***
          8          32/32-1/2       23/23-1/2      34/34-1/2       ***
          10         33/34           24/25          35/36           ***
          12         34-1/2/35-1/2   25-1/2/26-1/2  36-1/2/37-1/2   36(S)
          14         36/37           27/28          38/39
          16         37-1/2/38-1/2   28-1/2/29-1/2  39-1/2/40-1/2   38(M)
          18         39/40-1/2       30/31 1/2      41/42-1/2       40(M)
          20(38)     41/42-1/2       32/33 1/2      43/44-1/2       42(L)
          22(40)     43/44-1/2       34/35 1/2      45/46-1/2       44(L)
            (42)     45/46-1/2       37-1/2/39-1/2  46/47-1/2       46(XL)
            (44)     47/48-1/2       40/42          48/49-1/2       48
            (46)     49/50-1/2       42-1/2/44-1/2  50/51-1/2       50
        * Woman's sizes are shown in parenthesis.

        ** Waist measurements shown here are misses sizes; men's
           sizes are approximately 3 inches larger.

        *** Not available in men's sizes.

        Misses tall sizes begin at about 5 feet 7 inches, men's tall
        sizes at about 5 feet 11 inches.

        Women's clothing sizes can vary widely, depending on the source.
        A size 8 dress from a designer in NYC can be a size 14 in a ready
        to wear dress. Several NY fashion designer's use a "perfect" size 8
        model who is a man. Sear's is the only known company that uses a
        recommended national size standard. If you can, compare the
        measurements of any size tables to get a feel for how close they
        come to size's you have that fit you well. Consider finding
        someone to alter clothing to your specific requirements or custom
        make an item for a special occasion.

        Shoe sizes: A woman's shoe size is usually one number higher than
        the equivalent in a man's shoe. If you wear a 9 man's shoe, try a
        10 woman's shoe. A B-width shoe is considered medium for women, a
        D-width for man. If a shoe is not available in the correct women's
        width, try a size 1/2 to 1 size larger (i.e. a 10 C-D size, try an

        Lingerie sizes: To find your bra size, measure your chest up
        under the arms. For cup size a women measures the fullest part of
        the bust. If it's 1 inch more than the bra size, an A cup; 2
        inches, a B cup; 3 inches, a C cup and 4 inches, a D cup. Many
        men have fairly large pectorals (especially if they are slightly
        overweight). You can pick your cup size to match your breast
        forms or by how much padding you want to put in your bra cups.
        Almost anything can be used from water filled balloon's to
        birdseed and sponge rubber. Mastectomy prosthesis (silicone
        rubber), or molded sponge rubber pads are recommended. The type
        with hollow back's mold over the male pectorals and give the best
        fit. It is also best to buy the next size smaller, because the
        forms will fit better in your bra. An underwire bra will not
        ride up as much as a regular bra (attaching the forms with ostomy
        adhesive will help anchor a bra). A hairless chest will look and
        feel better than one with hair, especially if an adhesive is

                    Panty size is determined by hip size.
           Hips        Panty      Hips        Panty     Hips        Panty
          (inches)     size      (inches)     size     (inches)     size

           32-34        5         38-40        7        42-44        9

           35-37        6         41-42        8        45-46        10

        Slip sizes correspond to bust measurements. Petticoat or half-
        slip sizes are based on waist measurements: S (22-24), M (25-27),
        L (28-30), etc. Nightgown and robe sizes are based on bust
        measurements: S (32), M (34-36), L (38-40), etc.

        There you have it! Next time your walk into a store or boutique,
        you'll know just what size your "wife" or "girlfriend" wears, or
        if you have the courage, tell the salesperson it's for yourself!
        Many customer's to Large or Tall girl stores are men who buy for
        themselves. Some will even allow you to try items on for fit (a
        phone call to the store before you go is advised). Most mail
        order companies (Sear's, Penny's, Lerner's NY, Anthony Richard's
        etc.), estimate about 30% of their customer's are men.  At least
        you won't run the risk of getting ripped off by a clerk or
        company who will sell you anything just to get rid of you. Most
        store's and mail order companies want to have a satisfied
        customer, who will buy from them again. Another possibility is
        making your own clothing or finding a seamstress to make
        garments from patterns and cloth you purchase. You can get things
        made that are not normally available in stores (although they
        will cost more). You can have them made for your "wife" or you
        can tell the truth. Most people either don't care or will accept
        a plausible story.

        Unless you are into something kinky like "rubber" or leather and
        bondage, buy your clothing where a GG (Genetic Girl) would buy
        her clothes. They will make you feel natural and give you a
        feeling of wearing what a "real" women would wear. A woman will
        be much more willing to buy you clothing if she goes to stores
        she normally shops at, rather than porno stores or mail order
        from NYC with it's inflated prices. Get a Post Office or mail
        station box and send for Fredrick's catalog, this will get you on
        the lists for most of the catalog's (order a pushup bra or 5"
        heel's and you are a valued customer!).