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Because of the colonial (European) origin of the term "berdache," the TG people of many tribes and nations view the term as highly offensive and as being of similar ilk to the expression "nigger." "Berdache" is a term assigned to an entire range of life expressions that vary greatly from one tribal tradition to another and has the effect (intended or not) of creating one big "pan-Indian" genderal expression. Consequently, the promulgation of this term, except historically, appears antithetical to the most basic principle of transgenderism, namely the recognition of the variety of human, as well as gender, expression. The continued application of this term reflects a very Euro-American (white) point of view and the use of it self-referentially represents the worst kind of cultural appropriation, a form that isn't accurate in its genesis.

Offensive term

I agree and think the comments you made will be a wonderful addition on the article. You are always welcome to edit articles yourself and to provide your unique references where you think they might best apply. Susan 18:47, 31 May 2005 (CDT)