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A Tranny Chaser or simply "Chaser", is an individual who is sexually attracted to transgendered people. Originally (and still predominantly) used to describe the men interested in pre-operative trans women, the term tranny chaser is now being used in FTM communities as well. Many members of the transgendered community (particularly in the MTF population) use "tranny chaser" in a pejorative sense, because they consider it a fetish-like attraction to the penis of a pre-operative or non-operative trans woman MTF or to the vagina of a pre- or non-operative trans man. Helen Boyd and Mildred Brown have suggested that "tranny chasing" men may be homosexual men in denial. In "Diary of a Drag Queen" Daniel Harris describes four types of men interested in him while he was cross-dressed, heterosexual men who wanted the presumed superior oral services of another male, homosexuals who were only interested in his genitals, other cross dressers, and men who were intrigued by the mixture of maleness and femaleness he represented.

One may typically encounter "Chasers" on dating web sites, clubs known for catering to trans people, and also online in chat rooms and forums. It's generally a good idea to be aware of the dangers of online dating and the predatorial nature of many "Chasers." It's also a generally accepted thought that "Tranny Chasers" are different than Admirer.

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