Echos Abound in the Silence of the Heart


Susan LarsonI have had suicidal feelings in the past as have most other transgendered people. The goal of this poetry is to show people contemplating suicide that there is hope in the future. I combined my personal feelings with the experiences that other people had. Remember no matter how bad it is now with time things will improve.

It may not be tomorrow but it will eventually happen. It’s said time heals all wounds and my personal experience has verified that idiom.

We all have to resist the urge to take the easy way out of a situation. We must live because in living we give others the inspiration to continue living themselves.

This is the gift your life gives to the world.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at serious poetry. Feel free to let me know what you think and especially if it helps you in your own life.

Echos abound in the silence of the heart

Joy is not around.
Memories shout out.
Tears flow down.
Love can not be found.

Depression’s cry resounds.
The soul fails and lays down.
Misery portends.
Suicide whispers on the wind,
maybe this is the end.

The sky darkens,
the sun ducks down.
You lie in bed.
Morpheus is dead.
Bad thoughts wrack the head.
The crack of dawn arrives,
alas sleep has not touched your eyes.

You can no longer cry.
Sooner or later the tears must begin to dry.
You ask your self the reason why then sigh.

Life sings it’s eternal song
It challenges you to go on
In the end we do accept,
this choice is really for the best.

The decision we find lifted from our chest

The daily bump and grind
Lifts the specter from our mind
We find that once again
Life asserts it is time to begin.
Loves tender wings brush your face again.


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Susan Larson is the founder and publisher of Susan's Place Transgender Resources, the premier support site for the Transgender Community. In addition to her 19 years running this web site Susan is also an experienced Journalist, a skilled photographer, and veteran network administrator.

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