I like many other individuals in our community have experienced suicidal thoughts and depression.

A lot of my feelings have been rooted from gender dysphoria, loneliness and learned self hate from society and its standard of gender expression.

After experiencing a decade of depression one doesn’t simply ‘get better’. Healing sometimes takes a lifetime as well as self acceptance. Just remember that the sun will come up tomorrow and it will all be okay…

Susan’s Place is always here for you.

I slip out of my skin,
her cool hands gasping.
Searching for air;
I feel as if it is a sin.
She is now rasping,
clinging to the flesh she knows as me.
She whispers, I am you and you are me…
Her breath lingers.
But I am he!
He as in him and as his.
Her voice is now screaming,
loud as the night,
I am you and you are me!


About Author

My name is Skyler and I identify as a nonbinary demi boy that uses he/him/his pronouns.

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