Should You, I, or Even Bruce Jenner be the Butt of Off Color Jokes

Mrs. Izzy

Mrs. Izzy

Dear Readers,

Why is everyone hung up with all the he, she, they, them, transgender, transsexual, crossdresser, gay, lesbian, or other words that are not worth writing here. You know and have heard those words used in derogatory type comments.

Rights for the community in general are way better than the day I stepped up to the transition plate and said time to be myself. Time to find the way to live.

Male to Female Transition

Transition role

How can we as a community deal with the discrimination we face being LGBTQ, if we can not even accept the possibility that someone famous might or might not actually be one of us.

I know I will step forward raising my hand and admit I have made off-color comments that might have been out of frustration; as I know others who are reading this will as well, if they are being honest with themselves.

Female to Male TransitionOnce you admit this fact you should take a moment to think about how this societal hysteria looks to younger children who are in turmoil over their own Gender Identities when they see a transgender person being treated this way. The negative news reports about a celebrity followed by these horrible comments and off-color jokes being made about them. Even worse when they see this type of treatment coming from our very own community.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple slip of the tongue to trigger someone’s depression or anxiety.

Bruce Jenner twitter pictures (The Examiner)

Bruce Jenner twitter pictures (The Examiner)

lgbt-Im-human-flagHumanity still has a long way to go and you can see it with the tabloid photo shop pictures and stories about Bruce Jenner, MMA fighter Fallon Fox and so many others.

What the transgender community must do is to ask ourselves if we want our community in the same category with those making transphobic comments directed at a real human being, someone is going through feelings of Gender Dysphoria? It certainly bothers me. Why is it so hard for us to be more understanding?

We should wait till we see the official proclamation one way or the other from Bruce Jenner. When it happens, she should get every bit of our respect for having had the courage to do so.

When we lower ourselves to society’s level by making what may appear to be a funny joke about the possibility of someone’s transition; not only do we set a bad example; remember you really just made a joke about yourself.

This web site should be the one place on the internet that everyone can feel welcome, even if they are someone famous.

Till the next need…….

Mrs. Izzy


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