Congressman Honda is the Proud Grandfather of a Transgender Child

From a Twitter Rep Mike Honda with Malisa

From a Twitter Rep Mike Honda with Malisa

In real life our elected representatives are human beings, with some more accepting, some less. Congressman Mike Honda appears to be setting a positive example to the country after he tweeted that he hopes that his transgender grand-daughter could have safe environment, free from bullying while in school.

Rep. Mike Honda and his daughter Michelle Honda-Philips was a meeting in his California office Feb. 19, 2015 to talk about Michelle’s daughter. In that interview he was made aware that his grandchild has been the subject of harassment while attending school.

In the Video Courageous Conversation, Congressman Honda states,  “We need to make sure that our LGBTQ youth are never bullied because of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. These children need our protection and our love.”

Congressmen Honda is in the forefront of the drive for LGBTQ equality and is one of the staunchest representatives for the community in Congress. He has made it know that this is one cause that he is not willing to shy away from.

Wondering how Congressman Honda will balance over the misinformation that is running rabid through the halls of the capital with the introduction of all the so-called “bathroom bills”. He will be more informed than others in the feel of what the community has dealt with for years now. This should help him fight for equality for all human beings.

Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17), founding chair member of the Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus and asked to attend the Courageous Conversation, a single day symposium for school superintendents. Congressman Honda could not attend in person, but sent a video message. The conference had other speakers to help bring some attention towards making schools safer from bullying, and how to better deal with these issues.

People will say “it’s just a phase or they’ll grow out of it,” said Honda, an eight-term San José Democrat, who is a member of a congressional LGBT committee. “But we have to be a bit more in tune with what youngsters are telling us. From there we can develop better solutions, be more thoughtful.”

Congressman Mike Handa and Daughter Michelle Honda-Philips

Congressman Mike Honda (R) with Daughter Michelle Honda-Philips

Rep. Honda granddaughter now 8 years old, has started her transition and selected Malisa as her legal name. She has been registered in a new school as a girl, according to her parents Michelle and Travis Phillips.

Malisa asked her grandfather if she could serve as a role model for others young people trying to transition; and gave her 73-year-old grandfather permission to come forward with the story of her transition.


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