Venomous Chains


Poetry45% of young people experienced bullying before the age of 18 in 2014, 30% of whom turned to self harm as a result of bullying. Words can feel like they have been carved into one’s flesh and absorbed into that person, wrapped around them like chains carrying their venomous words.

Words spat with venom gather and build
a chain, hate made, blood filled,
constricts around flesh as the blood spills.

Leaving its words carved upon my skin,
each one buried deep inside,
the chain tightens and the human that once was
contorts, bulges, splits at the seams like an overgrown jacket.

The evil inside the hate inside spills out
with the hope, the aspiration, the emotion
and leaks onto the floor leaving just a shell
of a man who was once me.



About Author

A developing photographer, artist, musician and journalist. An ally and activist for trans rights.

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  1. What can we do to make the youth feel more secure in their lives? How can we show them there is a future one not filled with that hate? Show there is happiness and hope through the evil!

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