Matt’s Music Mumblings #1


unto-the-locustWelcome to Matt’s Music Mumblings, the Susan’s Place weekly music review section where you will find songs that are new, old or maybe undiscovered from all genres!

So, what has Matt been listening to this week? Well, this week I have journeyed through the nineties listening to Machine Head. However, my featured song is ‘Darkness Within’ from their 2011 album ‘Unto The Locust’.

[Trigger warning] Drug references, violence, self harm*, explicit scenes are featured within this video. If you feel this may cause you upset or trigger emotions, then please do not watch.

The song examines depression with powerful lyrics and confronting visuals. Many trans can relate to the pain of depression and its crushing effects. One way we may be able to channel our struggle is through music.

Few extra links: Head’s Facebook | Machine Head’s YouTube


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