Fallbrook California Transgender Teen dead in apparent suicide


sp3 Fallbrook CA – Taylor Alesana, a transgender teen from Fallbrook, CA, was confirmed by family to have committed suicide on April 2nd 5015.

Taylor was a frequent YouTube vlogger, aiming to inspire and support other transgendered teens like herself. She said in her YouTube vlogs that was constantly bullied via the internet and every day at school, she would walk around with earphones in so she wouldn’t hear the constant abuse thrown at her by other students.

When she went to the school counselor about this, no action was taken by the school. Though Alesana defiantly stated in her video, “I don’t care what other people think,” and encouraged other trans youth to embrace themselves, the pain caused by relentless name calling, taunting and bullying led to her tragic death.

Taylor was also a member of the North County LGBTQ Centre, who said in their latest newsletter:

‘As a transgender teen she was constantly picked upon, bullied and attacked by her peers. With few adults to turn to, and with no support from her school, her life became too difficult. Taylor was a beautiful and courageous girl, and all she wanted was acceptance.’

Taylor’s first vlog:

Taylor’s heartbreaking video where she explains having to go back into the closet for her own safety:

Taylor’s death is on record as the seventh suicide of a young trans person in the US in 2015. How many more teens have to die before we see change?

Taylor Alesana, Rest in Peace.


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  1. Having to lose one more due to others hate is unacceptable.

    Time for world wide human right protection as we have the ability to have help stop this form of discrimination.

    Now add the teachers that where involved they should be doing community service on the streets working with the homeless youth that have been pushed out by society.

    Sigh! Great story.

  2. No school support for Taylor means no understanding and no recognition of LGBTQ issues in an institution that is supposed to “educate”… So, NO education in sociology issues, in gender issues, and in Environmental Health issues.

    INDUSTRY is to blame for many asynchronous departures from the norm. It is toxic industrial chemicals — more specifically ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS (and others) — that are largely at fault in disrupting the normal development of the embryo. Psyche trauma of the mother while carrying the embryo also feeds into this Environmental Health equation (a British study showed a statistically significant increase in gay male children derived from London Blitz trauma while carried in the womb). “NATURE”, rather than “NURTURE” should be viewed as the prime culprit propelling so many unfortunate children into a tragic world that does not understand that YOU ARE BORN THAT WAY.

    What we need now is worldwide education that recognizes the tragic nature and origins of asynchronous gender problems, and a parallel recognition that must reign in the abusive pollution that industry splatters all around in their perennial quest for more profits from the sale of chemically engineered trinkets. Having stockholders in businesses is something that has to GO. Their collective demand for profit motivates industry to pump out repeat purchase items that ensure a constant flow of toxic chemicals into the worldwide environment we are all being poisoned by. Everything is connected. Stockholders that have transgender children might not see this connection though, this being the way this world — programmed for permanent conflict as it is — tends to HIDE how one issue melds into 50 other issues. It is a spider’s web of conundrums, however I simplify the confusion by highlighting the ongoing criminality of industry’s treason against this entire Planet.

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