Bringing Rise, Welcome to Project Phoenix

The Rebirth of the Phoenix

The Rebirth of the Phoenix

Project Phoenix was a term coined by Susan as her vision for the future of Susan’s Place.

Being News Administrator and Editor I have been given the honor to shepherd the project through to its launch, and so It is my honor the welcome our members to the rebirth of Susan’s Place.

The Rise of the Phoenix, An mythological bird that cyclically regenerated or is reborn and rises from the ashes of its predecessor or earlier forum.

The slogan of the site has long been “We stand at the crossroads of gender balanced on the sharp edge of a knife”, which means not only do many of us face the perils of a surgeons scalpel in our future, we also stand directly in the bullseye of those who would seek to hurt us as a community.

This redesign is the first step towards providing accurate information for those need the support that this community provides as well for non-transgender people who wish to learn more about our community.

We have always been finely balanced between success and failure. That is the case with this website as well. We depend on the community members who provide the peer support, the hard-working volunteers who work hard to keep this a safe and welcoming environment, and the hard-working administrators who coördinate them.

This vision of the future could not have come about without the hard work and dedication from the News who put together this wealth of content for your information and enjoyment. We also wish to thank the other staff and forum members who contributed articles.

“We stand at the crossroads of gender balanced on the sharp edge of a knife”


Everyone has put their own feel and words in the project. Helping shape what it has become. Their efforts make this the best support site in the world bar none.

I invite everyone to join me in giving these hard-working people a much deserved thank You.

Publisher: Susan
Special Editor: Cindy
Section Editors: Wynternight
News Staff and Content team: Matthew, Suzifrommd, Sydney Spitfire, Wynternight.
Events: Cynobyte
Misc Contributors: Ftmax, Greeneyedrebel, Skyler, Susenherold, ThePhoenix, VikingArchangel, Myarkstir
Content distribution, special announcements: White Rabbit

From the Editors desk to you, Enjoy your new Susan’s Place


About Author

Susan Larson is the founder and publisher of Susan's Place Transgender Resources, the premier support site for the Transgender Community. In addition to her 19 years running this web site Susan is also an experienced Journalist, a skilled photographer, and veteran network administrator.


  1. Piping in late, but I have to congratulate you on the amazing ‘facelift’ of the whole network of websites. This simply looks utterly fantastic right now 🙂 I guess that ‘vintage web design’ — sporting the same look since 1995 — is really not good enough these days hehe.

    Nicely done!

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