“Christian” Game Developer Makes Anti-GLBT First person shooter

Randall Herman

Randall Herman

Randall Herman is a game designer who decided to make a FPS game called Kill the Faggot via the Steam Greenlight Initiative; after his first venture to design a line of Christian themed shoes, failed to make its fundraising goal.

The player earns points for killing gay people (the use of the word faggot in the title is liberally sprinkled throughout the game). Players earn more points if the target is transgendered and lose points for killing straight people.

Potential targets say things such as, “Can I put my weiner in your butt” or, “Oops, I dropped the soap.”

Steam GreenlightThe Steam Greenlight initiative was launched in 2012 to  make it easier for smaller game companies to develop and sell games. However, when it was launched back in 2012 it received so many joke submissions that Valve subsequently added a $100 fee.

The game managed to launch Monday morning in clear violation of Greenlight’s TOS, before being pulled several hours later.

Prior to its removal, the Greenlight page had received many comments from users upset that it had been published, and who demanded a moderation system for new submissions that did not depend on user votes, or raising the $100 fee to dissuade other publishers from making games of this nature.

After its removal from the Greenlight site, the game developer posted a mini-version of the game on his own website (which will not be linked here).

On his site, Herman made the following comment: “These people that think if you are even remotely homophobic, you are ‘hateful’ and a ‘bigot,’ and do everything they can to destroy you in every vicious way possible,” Herman wrote. “So I decided to go down a path that most developers are afraid to go down: to piss these people off by making the most overly offensive game possible to these idiots to prove a point.”

Herman also claimed that he has been the brunt of emails wishing him harm in response to the game, but did not provide any evidence or quotes from of these emails.

Herman also claims to have been part of the game industry since 2007, and his personal page states that he “worked on” titles such as Disney Infinity and Call of Duty: Black Ops. However, a Google cache of his no longer existent Linkedin account states that he was a QA tester, rather than a developer.

When contacted by Ars Technica Herman stated the game was “delisted and banned by Valve about two hours after going up.”

Valve has yet to respond to Ars Technica about the publication of the game or lack of content filtering prior to it going live.

The final score

Editor’s Note: This story is partially based on reporting by Sam Machkovech of Ars Technica.


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  1. This is shocking, it ticks all the boxes required for me to file it under the category of hate speech. Homophobia – check, Transphobia – check, Inciting hatred – Check.

    It’s amazing that this person has the audacity to be proud of his aim to make “the most overly offensive game possible”, the message he sends is clear, he is so full of hatred for anyone LGBT that he’s devoted his time to developing this game & has the cheek to respond to the outcry with unproven claims of hate mail.

    In the past i’ve often defended videogames but there have been cases where I have refused to play games due to the ideology or plain poor taste. One such game is the most recent Driver game which has a conversation where a transwomans coming out is not met with approval & she then tries to blackmail the man with the threat of claiming they’d slept together, this is in extremely poor taste & I would not play this game even if it was free.

    Hermans “game” is not just in poor taste as in the case of Driver as the very foundation of the “game” is hatred towards LGBT.

    As I age & technology outpaces me I am gradually & reluctantly moving towards the view that games in general are treading a fine line between fun, satire & poor taste. A well written game can be a fabulous way to shine the spotlight on the shortfalls of society, this game does not tread a fine line, it spits at the line in contempt as it marches down the path of spreading an ideology of discrimination & hatred.

  2. “Christian”? Because that’s what Jesus would clearly do if he had been packing an UZI. *facepalm*

    The sad thing is that most people who broadcast their anti-LGBT zealotry at this level are themselves deeply closeted, self-loathing LGBT people, many of whom are victims of “gay conversion therapy” as children and young adults.

    Methinks thou dost protest WAY too much, Mr. Herman. Shame on you.

    • What these people don’t understand is that misunderstanding their religion won’t help them, when the time comes to pay the price. Being mislead won’t help either because Jesus himself told them how to tell a prophet from a false prophet, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

  3. I have to say fark.com is not where I was expecting to see a large amount of positive comments. Some of them are snarky as befits Fark but there’s a lot of incensed people over this game.

    • As a self diagnosed game addict I have a massive list of gaming sites that I visit, LGBT issues on these sites often devolve into pointless arguments about the validity of LGBT’s place within videogames.

      I had a browse of comments sections on various gaming sites & the overwhelming majority of comments are supportive of LGBT & pouring condemnation ofnthis “game” & the developer. For once the gaming community has done the LGBT community proud, this cretins attempt to target LGBT people has clearly backfired & generated an upswell of support for us.

      I’d like to thank this man for the good work he’s done in generating support for the LGBT community, i’m sure this thank you will annoy him more than any foul mouthed tirade.

  4. We got an email from what I strongly suspect is Randall Herman the creator of the anti-glbt game….

    On 5/10/2015 5:26 AM, fdfg dfgdfg wrote:

    Hello I love the fact that you reported on that terrible developer for that game that was on Steam that was against the LGBTQ community. I want to inform you I heard a rumor that was going on that the sick developer Randall Herman used some actor’s headshot on his twitter page and was impersonating his image, and sent a cease and desist email for the real Randall to remove the photo. I searched for his facebook profile and it found some personal photos. Looks like he is living in Los Angeles,and even has a picture of his “next” game the shelter as a top image on his page. I don’t want that actor suing you guys for using his image as this sick developer, so just giving you a heads up.


    This was my response…

    If the actor would like to contact us directly, Randall… They are welcome to do so however I did a google image search and a tineye reverse image search and could not back up the statements in your email.

    They also tried to claim on twitter…

    Skaldic Games @SkaldicGames

    Successfully trolled the entire LGBT community. Thank you media for spreading this troll game around. You did exactly what we were hoping 🙂

    Desperation gotta love it.

  5. MichelleZelda on

    I would seriously like to ask him what would be a more homophobic/transphobic, offensive, and hateful video game to make.

    And how is shooting someone not one of the most hateful and offensive things you can do to them.

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