Transgender Male Appears on Ellen


Ellen-LogoAydian Dowling is a bodybuilder who is making news for being this year’s favourite to win Men’s Health Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Man’ contest (article on the contest here).

In the interview with Ellen, Dowling talked about his experiences coming out to his family and the moment he began to come to the realisation that he was transgender. In the interview, Aydian also spoke about how he came out twice, firstly as a lesbian and then later as transgender.

He said: “Some people identify [as transgender]at a really young age, and I didn’t have that, I felt like I was a lesbian only because I was a girl who liked girls, so that was the title to put on me, rather than the title that I felt I identified with. Once I found out what it meant to be transgender, emotionally, that was it.”

Watch the interview here:

“Everybody wants to live their authentic self and they’re scared to do it because not too many people, when you’re going against what mainstream society says, gets that support so when you actually have the courage to do it regardless of whether you’re going to get that support or not that’s the first most amazing step you can take in your life.” – Ellen DeGeneres


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  1. So glad that so many of my brothers and sisters, are able to free themselves from the everyday norm of society and be themselves.

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