Bruce Jenner Releases Her New Name in Vanity Photoshoot


Vanity Fair LogoRecently published on the cover of Vanity magazine was an image of Caitlyn Jenner, with the caption ‘Call me Caitlyn’.

The announcement has quickly spread to social media. At the same time the Vanity cover was released, Caitlyn made a Twitter account with her new name, and after gaining over a million followers in only four hours, it has been confirmed that her account broke a world record!

“She is so beautiful,”Kim Kardashian said in an interview, “The cover is perfect, I’m so proud. I’m glad she can be herself finally. I’m so happy it’s out […]. It makes me want to shout out for joy!”

Shortly after, a Twitter account was even made called @she_not_he which is a bot that corrects wrong pronouns in the context of Caitlyn Jenner. The bot’s bio reads: “I am a bot politely correcting Twitter users who misgender Caitlyn Jenner in their tweets. I might make mistakes reading your tweet!! I’m only human. (Not)”

Even Barack Obama commented on Caitlyn’s coming out and name reveal, the @BarackObama Twitter account responded to her second tweet with: “It takes courage to share your story.”

This amount of publicity and openness is great for the trans community, and the support she has received is encouraging, however the amount of negative attention she has received is a sobering reminder that we aren’t quite there yet.

2015 has been a great year so far for trans visibility, things are only getting better for our community. I want to take a second to thank Caitlyn Jenner, Aydian Dowling, Laverne Cox, and other openly trans people who are improving the world for all of us. Thank you.



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