CEO of Stonewall Speaks on Mistakes Made with the Trans Community

Ruth Hunt

Ruth Hunt

Stonewall is an LGBT focused organisation, known for their campaigns and activism fighting for the rights of the LGBT community. After celebrating 6 months as CEO of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt spoke about how Stonewall has failed trans people in the past, and how winning back the community’s trust was ‘bloody hard’.

Previously, Stonewall have received complaints that they are unhelpful and inconsiderate to the trans community. Stonewall’s anti-homophobia film sent to secondary schools in 2010 contains a short section about transgendered youth. It does not actually include any trans people, only talking about trans people indirectly. In the film the term “tranny” was used and is said to be “short for transgender”. The trans community were made uncomfortable by this, but this was not the only incidence where trans people have been unhappy with the organisation.

6 months ago, Ruth Hunt took over the job of CEO of Stonewall after working there for over nine years. On her first day being CEO, she mentioned in an interview that Stonewall will do more for transgender rights.

Shortly after that, she had a meeting with 50 trans activists, which was said to be the first of many meetings, with others aiming to include trans people of colour and disabled trans people.

Now 6 months into the job and acknowledging past mistakes, the trans community will hopefully be more openly and accurately represented through Stonewall, one of the largest LGBT specific organisations in the UK.


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