Another Transgender Model Makes it Big


Hari NefIMG, a top modeling agency, has added another transgender model to their roster.

Hari Nef, 22, joins an impressive and growing list of trans models which includes Andreja Pejic and Lea T. It also puts her amongst top name models Gemma Ward, Gisele Bundchen, and Candice Swanepoel.

The Massachusetts born Nef completed her transition after moving to New York and had already started a career modeling for the Selfridges department store’s line, Agender as well as walking the runway for Adam Selman and Hood by Air.

In an article for Paper Magazine she has this to say: “I transitioned after I moved to New York and I kind of transitioned in front of everyone. People always knew that I was transitioning. I don’t mind talking about it; I’m very comfortable sharing information about myself, and I don’t hold that as something precious.”

Nef, a recent Columbia graduate, was named of New York’s rising stars in Dazed Magazine and has since been voted as one of Dazed Reader’s most influential 100 rebels in music, fashion, and film.

Nef had this to say back in April: “I’ve been told so many times that my look and my attitude were ‘too edgy’ to appeal to big fashion clients.”

Now that she’s signed with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world it seems that’s no longer a concern for Ms. Nef.



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