Erick Erickson: “We can’t stop real evil if we accept transgender people”

Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson

Blow-Hard-In Chief of the conservative blog RedState, Erick Erickson has said that America’s acceptance of transgender people was creating an inability to discuss the “evil” that led to the Charleston, S.C. shootings.

Somehow, Erickson made the stretch (without straining anything) that there was a correlation between the shootings in Charleston, S.C. and acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out. I consider myself a fairly astute person but I’m having some issues connecting the dots here.

Let’s see: hate-mongering white male attacks a church full of blacks, blaming them for “stealing and raping our women” which somehow justifies his murder of nine people and gasbag Erick Erickson thinks that has something to do with Jenner. Admittedly, Advanced Maths are not my strong suit but I think a Field’s Medal winner might have trouble graphing this bit of complete and utter nonsense.

Erickson had this to say on his radio show: “We can’t have the conversations we need to have in this country about mental health and evil,” Erickson said. “We cannot have those conversations. It is impossible to have conversations like that in a society that can look at a 65-year-old male Olympian and say ‘Hey, he’s a girl now. We have to start calling him Caitlyn.”

He repeated this stinking pile of horse crap on his blog, in a piece titled “The Conversation We Won’t Have” (probably because it’s a black hole of stupidity dragging down the collective IQ of anyone who reads it):

“As a nation, when these things happen, we never have the conversation about real evil. We also never have the conversation about mental health.

Instead, we descend into partisan conversations where everything is political and neither side can concede or acknowledge the other’s points. Everyone and everything gets blamed while ignoring the actual person who killed.

A society that looks at a 65 year old male Olympian and, with a straight face, declares him a her and “a new normal” cannot have a conversation about mental health or evil because that society no longer distinguishes normal from crazy and evil from good. Our American society has a mental illness — overwhelming narcissism and delusion — and so cannot recognize what crazy or evil looks like.”

Well, Mr. Erickson, I’m afraid I must disagree; I recognise crazy when I see it and it’s staring me right in the face whenever I see your picture or read your bilious spew.

It turns out crazy is pretty easy to see at times.


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  1. That Eric guy has got to have some serious mental problems if he find a connection between a mass murderer and a transwoman who isn’t trying to hurt anyone. Shameful!

  2. OK…
    I’m conservative overall, which usually translates to “Classical Liberal.” (Don’t know how the words keep mutating…)
    I am also obviously one of “us”.

    I’d love to know what this guy was smoking? Or is it just a screed to drum up revenue? (Most things are.)

    I keep explaining these things to the “normals” who have no idea.
    Trans (and all) are GENERALLY – as in, 95%+ – just like everyone else, with minor differences. We’re not evil, we’re not a threat to your children, and we’re not contagious.
    There is a small percentage of the population that is psychotic. Aside from the fact most of those go into government (to get a legal stamp that says their abusive and psychotic behavior is “According to statue/procedures”), there’s no reason for fear and hate.
    And most of those who seem to fear and hate fall into either the hard-core “Christian” religions, or the “too D-U-M-M DUMB for words Limousine Liberal” crowd.
    I can’t help the leftists (who live in the homogenous, mostly white, gated communities, and see all the “hard working Mexicans” doing their lawns… You know, it’s such a cartoon image it’s disturbing?). But I try to appeal to the right-siding types: They have a doctrine of love and tolerance, but seem unable to put it into play. Just can’t manage to understand that this is how God made us, and that people do grow and change. Most of aren’t looking to confuse others (present as a boy one day, a girl another, and – a an example – a furry on day three.) We act in a certain way; it is more congruous for all involved, to make the body match the mind – the body is more malleable, especially if done younger. Sometimes I get through…

    Sometimes not. Sometimes they are the equivalent of the Limousine Libs, just they want their Pope Cart. (That’s my parents, BTW. They would disown me if the knew… Or set me on fire… 😛 )

    And there’s…. THIS.

    Yes, I see it now: Hating people on the basis of their skin color, getting the guns legally, planning it out, posting about it…. Yes, it all stems from Penis Envy…. (Cue Freud.) Seriously, there’s no arguing with this sort of stupid. There’s only ONE cure for the terminally stupid and sociopathic – and oddly enough, Charlestown gave us the answer…. 😛

    You can’t “medicate away” cancer (the “medications” of chemotherapy are in fact toxins.) You cut it out, burn it out, poison it out. And hope you’re stronger.

    This sort of hatred is all about money, I think – all about getting donations and preaching the end of America (which is also unfortunately coming, but that’s a rant for elsewhere.) But it’s not because of (most) Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, Queers, or even Heterosexuals. Nor is it because of the others – practitioners of bestiality, necrophilia, incest, whatever else. They’re too small a group to notice.
    But there are vocal and violent types who are looking to destroy freedom (and they’ll claim they’re doing it “for your safety,” mind) – And they will use any tool to promote their “utopia” (where we serve, and they remain fabulously wealthy at our expense. Examples of the story are Continuum in the future scenes: “Life debt” especially, and also the film “Elysium.” )

    We can’t face them directly, and the Parties are looking to power – so we don’t matter.
    We need alternatives; but in the mean time, can we please “cure” this sort of cancer? (Violations of NAP, Golden rule, “thou shalt not judge”, “Thou shalt not hold false witness,” and probably, “Thou shalt not covet (thy neighbor’s balls, in this case, to be authentic in a world that basically dislikes to despises us.)”

    BTW, the reason I said “Most” in several places above is, there’s a venn diagram we could make for “problem X” – say, active Pedos – and we can overlay that on our own community, and there’ll be some overlap. Words are used in traditional sense, too – they’re looking for Children, not just young, but mature, humans. But if we are to pursue that 1% for extermination, sans crime – trying to wipe out the genes, say? They’d better look closer to home. We’re a small fraction of the population, and most things tend to reflect a microcosm of the larger social order. if we have 3% in any venn diagram overlay – so does mainstream, and arguably, they may have MORE, since they don’t get vetted along the way…. So, better look inside first, “Christians” – you’re (a) perverting the message – for Mammon, mind – and (b) harming others in direct violations of both Mosaic and Christian teachings. Remove the beam from your own eye before you address the mote in mine.
    Or else. 😀

  3. Well said Jean!

    My first impression, viewed from that small and insignificant place known to Americans as “The Rest of The World” was that the shooter was just a white American male with a gun doing what came naturally. Perhaps you need to update the style of American TV cop shows!

    Erick Erickson looks to me like a white American male, does he have a gun? If so he looks to me very like the shooter.

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