Press Release: HRC Launches New Maps of State Laws and Policies


Note from the editor: this dates from January but is still quite relevant.

MapsStateLawsPolicies-Blog-Interior-263Today HRC launched the newest feature of its website – interactive maps of state laws and policies, which will serve as the hub for all state-level LGBT regulations nationwide.

With the legal landscape of rights and protections for LGBT Americans continuing to shift, readers can now more easily grasp LGBT-related laws on a state-by-state level with the new maps component. Whether you want to learn about the laws of a specific state or you want to see how each state compares on a wide range of issues, the maps of state laws and policies will serve to answer your legislative inquiries.

By simply clicking on a state, readers get a snapshot of some of the laws and policies that affect the LGBT community in that state, such as whether or not there is joint adoption, employment laws or marriage prohibitions. By clicking the button for more information, readers will be able to view a full rundown of where each state stands on all of its LGBT-related laws and policies.

Readers can also view how each of the United States compare to one another by selecting from a list of issues, ranging from state hate crime laws to anti-bullying laws and policies to statewide housing laws and policies. Once an issue is selected, a comprehensive breakdown will appear of which states do and do not have that specific law, and which states have a variation of the law.

By moving the date slider along the bottom from left to right, readers are able to see how times have changed over the years and when marriage equality went into effect for each state. Readers can also see the progress the country has made by viewing a comparison of statewide marriage equality and other relationship recognition laws with statewide marriage prohibitions.

Click through HRC’s maps of state laws and policies to see where your territory stands and to learn more about laws and policies affecting LGBT people across the nation.


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