Ben Shapiro Files Charges Against Zoey Tur

Zoey Tur

Zoey Tur

Ben Shapiro, Editor-at-Large at conservative site Brietbart has filed assault charges against Zoey Tur after a heated discussion on Dr. Drew’s On Call, during which he deliberately incited Tur by calling her Sir. The exchange occurred during a segment where the discussion was on Caitlyn Jenner winning the Arthur Ashe Award.

In the midst of discussing genetics, a topic I’m sure he’s an expert on, he interrupted Tur asking, “What are your genetics, sir?”

A visibly incensed Tur responded by putting her hand on the back of Shapiro’s neck and responded with, “You cut that out right now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

The obviously frightened Shapiro shot back, “That seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion”

“You just called me sir.”

“It’s not rude to call someone who is biologically a male is a male.” Shapiro responded, once again calling upon his vast experience of genetics, gained by his years as an attorney.

“You’re consumed with hatred,” Tur later tells Shapiro. ” You’re a little man. It’s okay… He can be what he wants. Little boy.”

“I come from a basic biological reality,” Shapiro argues. “It’s not a moral thing. If someone wants to mutilate their body, that’s their choice. Cutting off your testicles is mutilation.”

It’s also none of your business, Mr. Shapiro.

Shapiro filed his police report Sunday morning, claiming Zoey continued threatening him after their appearance, a charge she denies.

The entire segment can be seen below:



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