Transgender Activists Call Caitlyn Jenner ‘Out of Touch’

Zoey Tur

Zoey Tur

A remark made by Caitlyn Jenner on her television programme, I Am Cait, has put her in pretty hot water with some well known trans-advocates.

Zoey Tur stated that “Jenner will never understand the real cost of being transgender. She’s a product.”

Jenner, an avowed Republican, made a comment that has people thinking she is out of touch with the economic reality of people who transition without having millions of dollars in the bank, in particular, transgender youth who receive aid from social programs, wondering if they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job.”

She went on to say “You don’t want people to get totally dependent on it — that’s when they get in trouble.”

LGBT activist Jenny Boylan had this to say in response: “Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses … many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

The National Center for Transgender Equality states that 20 percent of all transgender people have been homeless at one point.



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  1. I have my own reasons for being skeptical about Ms Jenner but her politics is not one of them.

    Democrats introduced, passed and signed RFRA into law back in the 90s. They passed and signed DOMA into law too. Even Obama was preaching “one man one woman” until Joe Biden made him realize that LGB and T people vote too. I’m very skeptical of democrats and how they’ve found the LGB and T communities of late.

    As for her remark about social programs, maybe she has a point. Maybe the real solution isn’t more dependence on social programs, but maybe better laws protecting LGB and T people from discrimination that precludes them from employment.

    Of all the candidates for 2016, only Bernie Sanders has a consistent good track record with LGB and T rights.

    • You need a come to Jesus moment if you think the present-day GOP has any interest in LGBT rights. I’m working on an article that shows exactly what some of them think and what they have in mind. You can bring up the DNC’s past indiscretions all you want but I’m worried about today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

  2. The National Center for Transgender Equality states that 20 percent of all transgender people have been homeless at one point.

    Aren’t claims like this somewhat like Phillip Morris’ researchers claiming that “nine out of ten doctors say that Lucky Strike doesn’t tickle your throat”?

  3. Cait Jenner is of the same generation as myself so of course she’s going to be ‘out of touch’ ; – my daughter (gently) tells me that I’m ‘out of touch’ with the current transgender experience all the time.

  4. Why do people think that when we go through transitioning that we really change the essence of who we really are? In fact when we transition become who we really are. So why should anyone expect Caitlyn to be any different? Caitlyn has always been Caitlyn. She tried to be Bruce, she failed. I tried to be Michael when I was really Michelle. I failed. I am three years older than Caitlyn and I like Caitlyn struggled through my formative and productive adult years trying to be Michael but really being a butch Michelle. I made it to 62 where I could retire early on Social Security and have at least some income. But my Medicare Insurance does not yet pay for any transitioning health, so I am just transitioning without hormones, counseling, or any surgery. Like Caitlyn, I have my baggage like children, grandchildren, an ex-spouse, past students, current children and partner, 45 years of friends and acquaintances all of which because of social media know me as a transsexual woman, which some accept and others see me as a male cross-dresser, which I am not. Like Caitlyn because of my past I can never count on passing totally. For years, like Caitlyn, I hid in the shadows but never had until my adult years any privacy to try and be myself. So as a woman, I never faced what individuals who transition young faced, but I faced them as a butch woman, with all the same insecurities as every other trans person faces. Caitlyn did also, and she found some acceptance even when her female spouses saw her as a man, saw her as a man who had made female changes to her body, but were blind to them emotionally and intellectually.

    With this being so, why should anyone expect Caitlyn to behave any differently than she did when she was trying to be Bruce? Why should she through away the fame and fortune she earned? She also has a price to pay because she is such a public person, she would have to live the life of a hermit to have any privacy, and then the media would ferret her out if they had any idea about her transitioning. So again Caitlyn is forced to write her own story or have her critics write her story for her. She can be the diva she really has always been, has put in the effort as Bruce to earn it. And as many other transsexual women she has had to make her living in the entertainment industry and motivational speaking industry while people are still interested in her form of entertainment. What happens to her income as a reality star when the reality fad fades? What happens to her is her income disappears and if she has not changed her expensive lifestyle long before reality tv is not a money maker anymore, her lifestyle will suck her financial well dry, and she will only have an income from motivational speaking which again depends on when her style is still marketable.

    And like the rest of us she will become a little old lady off in some forgotten corner unless she can do a Betty White who is like the Energizer Bunny or like Bob Hope and keeps running and running and running.

    Why all this criticism of Caitlyn especially by other transsexual individuals? Isn’t Caitlyn free to be herself and take advantage of whatever resources she has? Or is there some mold that us transsexual woman have to fit to gain respectability within the transsexual community. Do transsexuals really have the right to judge other transsexuals for simply being who they are? Each of us transsexuals is just trying to live our lives withing the context of our experiences. For all of us this is a life and death struggle, even for Caitlyn. Are us trans women going to be catty with each other or are we going to be supportive.

    As a Republican sooner or later Caitlyn will find out if she is accepted or ridiculed and banished from the Republican universe. We should at least respect Caitlyn for trying to be a Republican with all the publicity of her transitioning. And remember Caitlyn’s transitioning is going to be in the public eye no matter what she does. If he does not do her reality show, she will just be making money for all the gossip newspapers and their writers and photographers writing the same smut about us they have for decades. I remember the women’s true story magazines my mother read when I was a child.

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