Ben Carson calls transgender people “abnormal”


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who built up a track record of transphobia in a relatively short  period of time, strikes again! In an incoherent and rambling interview with the Catholic News Network, he dismissed transgenders as “a few people who perhaps are abnormal”.

Later on in the interview he states:

Boys who say: “I feel like a girl today and i want to go to the girl’s lavatory”, that is such a bunch of garbage! If we continue to cater to that, where will it lead, what will it lead us to be? We are absolutely destroying ourselves, because we are paying attention to political correctness and remember, there were a lot of people who gave their lives so that we can have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We need to go ahead and express ourselves and the majority needs to stand up

Apart from the fact he refers to a transgender girl as a boy: Carson’s idea of freedom of speech and expression does not seem to apply to the transgirl to whom he is referring, who doesn’t have the freedom to express her gender by visiting the appropriate bathroom. On the other hand, catering to the wish of this transgirl, wouldn’t in any way impinge upon the freedom of expression of other visitors of said bathroom. He also seems to ignore the fact that many transgenders also gave their lives for this freedom.


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    • I completely agree with your comment regarding the words uttered by this hyper-religious, bigoted fool. Thankfully, I seriously doubt he has any chance of a political victory and such appalling displays of both arrogance and ignorance only appeal to the most uneducated voter.

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