State Senator: “I’m sorry if you’re so twisted you don’t know who you are”


In support of a bill that bars students from using bathrooms, showers and locker rooms corresponding with their gender identity, South Dakota state senator David Omdahl stated during a legislative coffee event last Saturday, that transgender people are “twisted” and need psychological help, Argus Leader reported.

“This is about protecting our children. I’m sorry if you’re so twisted you don’t know who you are, a lot of people are”, Omdahl stated.

After that the audience gasped audibly and was told by the moderator to quiet down.

“Theyre treating the wrong part of the anatomy”, Omdahl continued. they ought to be treated up here (points to head). So let’s get this bill passed to save our kids”.

Representative Steve Haugaard, R-Sioux Falls, called transgender identity a “choice of lifestyle” and said society has been too concerned about the “epidemic” of arguments coming out in favor of the self-identity.

“For us to perpetuate confusion in the lives of anyone is a disservice to them”

Kendra Heathscott, a transgender woman and member of the Center for Equality commented to local tv station KSFY that statements like this are ignorant:

“We know for a fact that transgender people, it’s not a mental illness, if that, they may be struggling with depression because of comments that are made like that. I think that the comment the legislators made this morning just promotes more bullying, it promotes more misinformation. It doesn’t teach people the correct things and how trans people want to identified, and how they want to be talked about and how they want to be discussed,”

Civil liberties advocates have called the bill “discriminatory” and launched social media campaigns asking lawmakers not to be “potty police.” The bill passed in the House on a 58-10 vote and is set to come up for debate in the Senate.


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    South Dakota state senator David Omdahl wants to label us as ‘twisted’ and that we ‘need psychological help’.


    I have more than 40 years of clean and clear psychological evaluations. Not once has any professional ever adjudged my circumstance less than competent.

    Both my lifetime panel of counsellors and I know exactly who I am.

    I can wallpaper the the South Dakota statehouse with all my results.

    How many evaluations has Omdahl and his minions passed?

    ‘Choice’? Okay. I ‘chose’ my course no different than I ‘chose’ my course to see a doctor when I endured other medical ailments. Or were those conditions also my ‘lifestyle’?

    I propose that Omdahl, Representative Steve Haugaard, and every other member of the South Dakota legislature who support this monstrosity, and all governmental officers who promote this legislation and action, and all their aides and staff, and all their family and friends be first in line for public inspection by their ‘potty police’. Don’t be shy, now.


  2. if this were truly about helping and protecting people, he’d be looking to create a gender nuetral and inclusive environments and give aid to trans people rather than cause trouble.

    As for not knowing who they are…. if they didnt know, they were trans, they wouldnt transition. Hes just trying to use ‘protect the kids’ as a weaponized term to attack a group he neither understands (clearly) or sees as human. He’s just foolish

  3. Naomi Hoogeweij on

    Omdahl was just stupid and insulting, but I found Haugaard’s comment “epidemic” of arguments coming out in favor of the self-identity” even nastier. He means a lot of scientific findings in favor of self identity and should address those findings directly rather than disqualifying science as an “epidemic”.

    Like with global warming, why do republicans treat science as if it’s some kind of political agenda?

  4. You know, we really need to stat running for political offices. Albeit we may not have a country anymore by this time next year, or at least what we have known to be the United States, we have to start making our mark in the political arena.

    I have a limited amount of empathy for Omdahl’s stupidity and ignorance yet no tolerance for it. We have the power to vote these people out of office; its time that we start acting on it.

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