Conservative restroom trolling


According to conservatives, anti discrimination policies allowing transgender people to use restrooms and toilets conforming with their gender identity would create confusion and inappropriate behavior. Supposedly, it would encourage straight, cisgender, male creeps to abuse the rule. Up until now these policies have caused zero incidents, but In the early evening of Feb. 8 a first one seemed to occur, when a man walked into the women’s locker room at the Evans Pool in Seattle and took his shirt off.

When the staff confronted him, he stated: “The law has changed and I have a right to be here.” He was referring to a state policy saying buildings open to the public must allow transgender people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms they identify with.The man who used the women’s locker room at the Evans Pool did not identify as a woman nor as a transgender person, so he didn’t conform with the existing policies and was subsequently sent to a gender neutral family restroom. The same man is reported to have returned several hours later when young girls were changing for swim practice.

The move turned out to have been a protest, rather than being a first incident proving the point opponents of these anti discrimination policies are trying to make. It also happened two days before a state senate vote on an anti-trans bathroom bill.

As it turns out now, male conservatives are goaded into using women’s restrooms in order to prove a point. Over the last two months, Facebook users who support the anti-trans discrimination bills in the state legislature have been suggesting that men should invade those spaces in order to drum up support for the legislation. On the Facebook page for “Keep Locker Rooms Safe,” a group supporting the anti-trans bills, one commenter responded to a “call to action” like this, The Stranger reports:

Similar messages in support of the new bill were seen on other Facebook groups.

Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League, claims that this example proves the Human Rights Commission policy is working. “The person was asked to leave and did leave,” she said. “Our opposition has repeatedly called for people to make protests like this—which is incredibly disappointing of them—to prove a point. This person did not assert that they were transgender, which I think shows that this person did not have a sincerely held gender identity.” She also pointed out that the standards in case law for other protected classes—like religious belief—show that the identity has to be “sincerely held and consistently asserted”.


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    Okay, I admit my perspective is tainted. I am post-op M-F. Who am I to object to someone expressing their sincere assertion?

    Point of fact, I have met men using the women’s restroom at my Public Library at least three times. I never felt threatened when it was just him and me.

    I initiated a conversation with each man who presented another reason for openness. They each told me that they were sexually molested by men in a men’s room and felt safer using the women’ room at the Public Library that provides no neutral facility.

    Taking their sincerity as true, it seems there are these three examples of danger in the men’s room for men. When will those panty patrol legislators take action about male-against-male violence and assault in the men’s room?


  2. These “conservative males” as described are really starting to anger me.
    I’m ready to say fine I’ll stay a male as they call us and give those a*****es some “male” they won’t forget.

    They want a war, let’s give them one. screw it.

  3. These “conservatives” are losing a “culture war” of their own making. They are desperately looking for a target they can beat. That way money keeps flowing to their causes and people can continue to be paid bloggers and work for “think tanks”.

  4. So far the problem seems to be purely cisgendered people lol. They make the law because “just in case” a cisgendered man walks into the women’s area and then engages in criminal behaviour. And now you have more cis people trying to “prove a point” by behaving rather disrespectfully to people who have nothing to do with this? Yeah, way to go, hah. Makes perfect sense.

    I do want to say that just because it hasn’t happened yet, (someone under the guise of mtf to rape) doesn’t mean it never will. And if it does, these people will then say, “See!?” that could be problematic. no, we need to stress more instead how trans people are more often the victim than the purpotrator.

  5. This is a very childish way to make your point. But acting out like the creeper you fear is out there you instead become the creeper. The reality is that the vast majority of transgender people just want to simply walk into the bathroom and take care of business and get out of there. Think of it this way:

    Does it make sense for someone who presents as male to walk into a female restroom? I’d expect a few ladies to be put off by seeing a male wander in and do their thing.

    Does it make sense for a someone who presents as female to walk onto a male restroom? Might make some guys uncomfortable seeing a lady in there and then potentially fixing her makeup.

    I see no problem with someone using the restroom that they most identify with. If there are people abusing this as a way to molest or rape people I’d hope they get the book thrown at them. But preventing a MTF or FTM from using the restroom that they identify this isn’t going to make people more or less safe from predators. I determined rapists/molester/criminal won’t be stopped simply by the sign on the door.

  6. I’m not saying I don’t support it and all, but I’m not so keen on the idea of trans restrooms unless there are considerable amount of security involved in protecting us because having a restroom labeled for trans people would be kinda counter-productive and single us out even more, wouldn’t it? Just a thought. But I definitely agree that the news media loves, absolutely adores the use of scare tactics to make a point, even if that point is the most immature one yet. Which is why I hardly watch it unless I don’t have a say in the matter, which isn’t usually the case anyhow.


    • That’s an interesting point, that a bathroom specified “trans” could be a danger. I agree that it might not be a good idea to label a bathroom trans unless someone was keeping an eye on things. I guess that’s why people favor unisex or single-stall bathrooms instead.

  7. OK, what about those of us who are LEGITIMATELY transgender to be in possession of a notarized letter from his or her physician verifying that the respective PERSON who happens to be transgender is in fact under the care of a licensed physician, in fact undergoing HRT, AND present as his or her identified gender. I think that would alleviate a lot of problems.

    It might not be fair to those who cannot afford to see a doctor but there has to be a happy medium here.

  8. This kind of thing makes me so tired. I’m currently female presenting (born female, not out as trans) and so I use the women’s bathrooms, lockers, etc. I have absolutely ZERO problem with a trans woman using those spaces, regardless of how far along she is in her transition, just as long as SHE feels safe being there. But the idea of a creepy cis guy with a chip on his shoulder (see above) coming in there just to be a nuisance weirds me out and I would immediately be on guard. And just people with those personalities — why do you have to go there? Why do you have to be a jerk for no reason? No one was being hurt until you started hurting people.

    And honestly, the whole idea of some guy going into a womens locker room with young girls in there is just the worst, and I hope he got busted for that. Like harassing grown women is one thing, but getting kids caught up in your bs is just abhorrent.

    And like, the idea of having cis people go into the “wrong” bathrooms as a protest is just so annoying. I guess legislature has to figure out a way to differentiate between trans people who actually identify as [ gender ] and cis people who are just being bullies. I’m not sure how to go about that, though.

    “Keep locker rooms safe!” they cry, as they go about making the locker rooms very unsafe for everyone involved. My god.

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