Transgender Child Win Civil Rights Case in Colorado


TLDEFCoy Mathis, 6, has won a civil rights care allowing her to use the girl’s restroom at her school in Fountain, Colorado. The school had banned her from doing so, triggering the lawsuit.

Coy was born a boy but has identified with girl’s clothing and toys since she was 18 months old, eventually refusing to leave the house dressed as a boy. Her passport and state-issued ID show her as female and she has the full support of her friends and family. After consulting with doctors, Coy’s parents informed the school, Eagleside Elementary, that she would be attending as a girl, a decision that her teachers and school staff supported.

In December of 2012 the family received a call from the school informing them that Coy would no longer be able to use girl’s restrooms. She would be allowed to use the boy’s bathrooms, the nurse’s restroom, or gender-neutral restrooms.

Additionally, the family received a letter from the attorney representing the Fountain-Fort Carlson school district that read, in part:

“…as Coy grows older and his male genitals develop along with the rest of his body, at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls’ restroom.”

Cody’s parents, Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis filed a complaint in February 2013 against the school district with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. In addition to the complaint, they pulled Coy and her siblings out of school and home-schooled them whilst the complaint was pending, stating that they would not return to school until Coy was once again allowed to use the girl’s restroom.

The Mathis’s complaint was handled by New York based non-profit organisation, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Sunday of this year the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled in the Mathis’s favour. Steven Chavez, division director, wrote in the decision that by not allowing Coy to use the girl’s restroom, Eagle Elementary “creates an environment rife with harassment.”

After the ruling Coy’s mother, Kathryn stated:

“Schools should not discriminate against their students, and we are thrilled that Coy can return to school and put this behind her. All we ever wanted was for Coy’s school to treat her the same as other little girls. We are extremely happy that she will now be treated equally.”

Executive Director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund had this to say:

“This ruling sends a loud and clear message that transgender students may not be targeted for discrimination and that they must be treated equally in school. It is a victory for Coy and a triumph for fairness.”

The TLDEF states that this is the first ruling in the nation that allows transgender students to use the bathroom that they identify with.





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  1. Excellent result!

    My thoughts on this subject and especially the way Trans is attacked by religion:

    The following note refers specifically to a statement in the article: NO, GOD ISN’T TRANSGENDER, TIMES OP-ED PIECE IS HISTORICAL REVISIONISM AT ITS WORST, by Robert A. J. Gagnon (

    The important foundational statement in the above article: ““transgender”—which refers to a person’s abandoning his or her birth sex for a self-constructed and distorted self-image”, is completely wrong.

    Transgender is a genuine medical and biological problem caused by endocrine (hormone) disruptor chemicals from pesticides, food additives and the like interfering with the normally integrated (synchronous) assignment of brain and body gender in the developing embryo. As such, an “asynchronicity” develops where the biological body does not match the brain gender of the unfortunate individual. In more and more studies now, trans-gender children then clearly and consistently demonstrate (without coaching) the clarity and truth of their gender asynchronicity by demanding that they be accepted as identifying with a brain/mind core gender that does not match their biological gender. These kids are not lying. They tell the truth. See:

    It is industrial pollution, or technological pollution that causes the bulk of transgender.

    What the fight against trans reveals, however, just like the perennial fight of the hyped-up righteous religious against homosexuality (which, when caused by massive pre-birth psyche trauma in the mother is yet another example of an individual genuinely being “born that way”), is a very subtle and powerfully convincing obsession with deep conflict [2] (there must always be someone they are identifying as going to hell). One could validly assert that lies [1] are, perhaps, the demonic realm’s most important prime directive if you believe in the demon realm. And this corporate lying (based in insatiable greed for money and power) is especially relevant today with the nuclear expansion of the realisation that everything we’ve been taught (by the world’s ruling families and, hence, their sponsored industries and governments) is wrong. The Bosnian pyramids and a host of other discoveries show us now that all our historical data are grossly in error. The Great Pathological Lie of the Ages is that there is something intrinsically wrong with sex, and this broad avenue of thorns hooks many people into a permanent war against (always) “other” people with sexual issues.

    In this critical and perverse spiritual dynamic souped up to maximize conflict, the enemies of righteousness become your own people: your brother, your sister, uncle, and anyone that appears to confirm that we are in the disgustingly distorted End Times. Sexuality and gender [3] are typically used and abused by all who participate in the immortally persistent shaming and defaming of sex (the greatest gift of God to humanity) on all levels, to doggedly confirm the existence of a great well and prime signature of pre Return perversion. With this strategy duplicated each generation, you could characterise the demon realm as sitting back and laughing at all the “good” humans righteously rampaging (on their behalf), gasping and suspecting all the “other” (again) filthy humans “over there” of being notoriously evil and recalcitrant sex perverts worthy of destruction, ad infinitum.

    This is a sexualized demonizing and conflictual negative spiritual orthodoxy that no-one with any reasonable depth of intelligence should believe from the perspectives of:
    1. the above noted permanent conflict dynamic that challenges — by virtue of the obscene levels of religious venom generated — the very core teaching of God’s unassailable compassion and Love;
    2. our now more advanced understanding of Environmental Health and the impact of pollution on embryos (I didn’t graduate top of my Degree in Environmental Health at the University of Western Sydney for no reason).

    What I have noticed lately online is that the ingrained, negatively discriminatory opinions of the religious in terms of sexual subject matter will not accept information and understanding. There you find the real recalcitrance of a blind form of presumption, one that is identified as sheer ignorance, blindly accepted, and a personal sexual belief system never really questioned. This speaks of a lack of spiritual meta systemic self analyses: thinking about our thinking that is negatively spiritually influenced by unexamined orthodoxies of perception and interpretation. A personal, expectant demand for sexy enemies to attack describes a lack of awareness of corporate demonic influence and a shift from a wise, firm, framing and core appreciation of God’s Love over to particular and delusional issues. Just because growing transgender issues relate to sex should not be automatically interpreted as confirming evidence of a prophetically expected explosion of sexualized perversion in the End Times that threatens our restrooms, crotches or delicate sensibilities. The perversion of Science, Government, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Food and especially Agricultural Practices (e.g. GMO) possess infinitely greater potential for Extinction Level Event planetary destruction! The Transgender issue inside and outside of religion has been wholly inaccurately identified and “zombie-fied”, and would be infinitely more accurately seen as a challenge to uneducated cis-gender people’s awareness of Environmental Health.

    Transgender is not a psyche issue, excepting where the dumb abusers of everything sex convince, for tragic example, a young Trans person that they are so distorted, worthless and evil that they should kill themselves. Transgender is a biological issue, an hormonal issue, a developmental issue. It is ultimately, in the end analysis, a supreme test of character and Love for everyone.

    I suggest [1], [2], and [3] as notions of critically important directives within the demonic realm and/or human nature, in terms of their pathological influence on humanity.

    • *
      To your point, ‘… these kids are not lying …’.

      As my counsellors frequently addressed the question of ‘Who is a ‘true transsexual’?’, their answer frequently included the matter of the person’s ‘insistency’, ‘persistency’, and ‘consistency’.

      Whether child, or teen, or adult, there was little doubt when they invoke ‘insistency’, ‘persistency’, and ‘consistency’ to their case.

  2. *
    Allow me to begin by saying that this story demonstrates how perhaps with all the years of advance, we are still moving in reverse.

    As a Kindergartner and 1st Grader presenting as a boy at my local public school, I frequently used the girls’ room without doctor letter and need for court order; I used it and that was that. Well, that was 1961 to 1963. The only time it got me in trouble was when my female class-mate and I were caught throwing wet wads of toilet paper to the ceiling.

    My father sent me to our local Catholic school beginning in 2nd Grade (1963); the nuns would have none of my behaviour.

    At least it is good to see that Coy is attending as she needs while others accept her as she is.

  3. As a holistic practitioner and psychotherapist, I would like to take issue with the comments by Mr. Thompson. Indeed, hormone imbalance and environmental toxicity may play a part in some cases. There may also be some instances in children have been subjected to considerable pressure to adopt the “valence” of sexual identity at variance with their biological one. Yet, this is by no means the entire story…and I find Thompson’s stance to be somewhat invalidating and insulting. There is also some religious content which I consider irrelevant.

    Yet, before proceeding, please allow me to remind you that Jungian theory holds that every male has a female aspect (the “anima”) and every female as a male aspect (the “animus”), so NO ONE is 100% one sex or the other, and those who acknowledge and accept, and even express to some extent this aspect of themselves are likely to be among the more healthy and creative among us. The converse appears equally valid…that those who refuse to accept the “other side” of themselves are frequently very rigid, and even warped, such as the some of the “Neanderthall-like” hyper-macho males we have all encountered in our lives.

    Today, and through history, there have been many who find themselves identifying with the “opposite sex.” Now in Western Europe and in American culure, these were often ostracized, but–among many indigenous peoples—there has been another phenomenon. In this environment, there have been many who are, in effect, “in-between” the usual sexual roles. Yet, these individuals were frequently not only accepted, but honored, and very often served their community, e.g., as counselors and healers. I.e., they frequently held a unique place in their tribe/community.

    What appears to be critical is that we accept considerable variation among members of our community (what used to be called “Christian tolerance”), and afford respect to all. And, in the case of children who exhibit the pattern we are discussing, it clearly is important that they receive counseling, and–among other things–establish that this is a very firmly held position, not just a passing fancy, or the result of abuse or other undue influence. Some of these children–I’m convinced–identify overwhelmingly with the “other sex,” and are not the product of such pressure…or of severe mental instability.

    They are happy, healthy kids, who simply don’t fall into the usual sexual categories (or society’s expectation of human behavior). All of us deserve respect, and these children should not be an exception. They should also be accorded plenty of support until they are old enough to make a fully informed decision. I will finish by saying that the child, Coy, appears to be one of these vibrant, healthy children.

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