DES Exposure and Intersex Development in Males


Henderson, NV – Diethylstilbestrol (DES) has long been suspected as a key factor in intersex development of male embryos. Recent Research by Hugh Easton for Hormones Matter is following up on the connection between high dosages of DES during pregnancy and the resulting development of intersex babies.

For DES, one of the most powerful Estrogen ever developed, a daily dose of 5 mg per day is already considered a high dose. According to the then valid Physicians Desk Handbook, the daily dose of DES given in support of a healthy pre-natal development, ranged between 5 mg in week 7 and 8 and increased up to 125 mg daily in week 35,

Based on Easton’s research, these high doses may have completely suppressed testosterone production during the critical fetal developmental stage where testicles start producing testosterone. This testosterone is responsible for masculinization of the brain. In case no testosterone is produced, the brain develops female even tough a Y chromosome is present.

DES may not be the only cause for intersex development but may have led to a specific form of intersex development.

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