Transgender Women in Correspondence to Sex Work, and LGBT Discrimination


No gender faces more discrimination against them than Transgender Women. Our recent Transgender bans, and  LGBT discrimination make Transgender Women rank in the highest percentage of dislocated Sex Workers. The Criminal Justice system has shown LGBT discrimination towards crimes of assault on Transgender People and Transgender Women. We have proven to negotiate unfair policies in regards to Transgender hate crimes and tensions.

The Percentage of Transgender Women living in poverty is very high. Many Transgender individuals are Sex Workers walking the streets. Creating health barriers, and unsafe conditions. Transgender persons are set aside as an at-risk gender type. Our housing refuses many Transgender people quality places to live. Our education shows bias against Transgender individuals and makes them the lowest scoring percentage of college graduates. Employment issues surface every day. Many Transgender Women are being fired, not hired, because of a refusal to grant equal opportunity employment to Transgender workers.

We know these facts personally.  Many Transgender persons can only afford to earn a decent wage by walking the streets and can be seen carrying out sex work. Transgender women have a need to be respected as women. Until the day arrives when they are, Transgender persons will face the sexual and LGBT discrimination that is imposed on them.

Sex Workers will not know if their client is safe, if they will be guilty of assault, or if rape will be carried out. The plausibility of creating illegal conduct as the only option for many Transgender Woman is sex work and more LGBT Discrimination. We have to see this crisis as a cover-up. We must develop a critical insight into ways of protecting our sexual minorities. Together we must bridge the gap, so that gender deconstruction is not a sentence. We must do this today.  Can we still sit here, and just witness the crimes committed against our friends, families and loved ones

The only chance many Transgender Women have in achieving non-bias is by embracing Transgender dignity, and to embrace Transgendering as an expression of the human condition. We need programs, and we need them badly. I propose it is immoral to discriminate against a sexual gender when it can result in deviant, and corrupt behaviors. The solution must come from all of us. We must embrace our gender diversity to acknowledge the possibilities of our sexuality.

             What Message can we convey to our Youth?

Transgender youth are in a high rank of suicide attempts. Many Transgender individuals are becoming addicted to drugs, and resort to criminal behavior. This fact raises concern about sexual gender, and how to deter Transgender people from working on the streets. Transgender Women are deserving of equal rights, and justice.


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