Study Reveals Vulnerability Of Transgender In Spain


Spain – A recent study under participation of the Málaga Regional University Hospital revealed that almost 82% of the transsexual population in Spain had experienced some form of physical aggression against them. The study focused on transsexuals in the processes or having completed medical transition.

The Study also found that 31% has been discriminated against in the workplace, highlighting that female transsexuals often have more difficulties integrating. In parts, this is a result of a high rate of unemployment, education level and often being forced into sex work.

The Study also looked at depression. 16% of the participants met the criteria for depression, and 15% met the criteria for social anxiety. Depression was primarily caused by the lack of integration at the workplace.

José Guzmán Parra to Sinc, one of the researchers in the study, points out the difficulties transgender experience when starting treatment and adds: “This population frequently deals with heavy stress –known as minority stress– due to the regular episodes of discrimination that affect them, including physical and verbal aggression.”

The Study finds that despite significant legal and social process, discrimination is still a significant problem, especially integration at the workplace. The researchers suggest putting a particular focus on workplace integration.

“Understanding the social and psychological difficulties that they face may help to design better interventions and prevent the causes of these difficulties,” concludes Guzmán Parra.









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