Unstoppable, A New Series From Planned Parenthood Empowering Women

Back in August, Planned Parenthood released a new manifesto called Unstoppable. With eight tenets, from “Our bodies are our own,” to “We reject racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia,” the project was meant to re-inspire the fight for reproductive rights and healthcare in the United States.
Today, the nonprofit released three videos of their 10-video collection from a variety of filmmakers, each inspired by the manifesto. “We wanted to really illuminate the many ways in which Planned Parenthood impacts our lives,” Tanya Selvaratnam, executive producer of Unstoppable Art, tells Refinery29 in a phone interview.
The third video in the series is released exclusively on Refinery29 from filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal. She decided to create a visual anthem showcasing individuals overcoming stereotypes and misconceptions in “I Told Them.”

“These are challenging times. With our basic human rights in jeopardy, it’s hard not to feel like this country is moving backwards.” Stephanie Wang-Breal reflects on her video, continuing: “I created the short visual anthem, I TOLD THEM, for the UNSTOPPABLE campaign because everyone needs to be reminded that all is not lost. We have been here before. We have all been told, at one time or another, that we could not be someone or do something because of our gender, sexuality, race or beliefs. But we can’t let that stop us. We must continue to look forward and remember that if we follow our truth and fight like hell, we can and will accomplish many, many things.”

“My first inspiration was my daughter, who is featured in the piece,” Wang-Breal says. “I see how free she is, how unencumbered by her gender, how fearless she is. People are always like, you should reign her in, you should watch what she’s doing, but it’s beautiful and I don’t want to contain it.”

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