The Rainbow Seat in Washington


Washington, DC – This year was a banner year for LGBT elections into congress. More than 240 LGBT representatives won their primaries. America is sending a message to the White House that contradicts Trump and Pence’s policy of hatred, fear, and bigotry. Same-sex marriage laws will be reviewed nationwide. In 2012 44% of Americans were in favor of same-sex marriage while 42% were opposed. This year 73% were in favor and only 23% opposed. The population will be represented by a new line of LGBT Government elected officials at least to some degree. This may be what is needed to put an end to discrimination along the lines of LGBT practice.

Jared Polis became the first elected openly gay Governor of Colorado Once thought of as the “Hatred State” Colorado will have a Governor that supports safe sex education, and dignity for those suffering from HIV. 2018 was also a Banner year for women LGBT candidates Krysten Sinema became the second out female Senator, as she is a self-proclaimed Bi-Sexual, and now a Senator in Arizona. Tammy Baldwin who was the first and a self-proclaimed Lesbian won re-election as Senator in her state Wisconsin. Sharice Davids a Native American, and self-proclaimed Lesbian won the election in her district in Kansas.

The three elected out LGBT Senators and the 22 out LGBT elected members of the House of Representatives will be carrying a message of hope, to put down discrimination, and bigotry, and to serve to defend the country against hate crimes. LGBT officials newly elected into office, include Governors, Mayors, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives. Keith Boykin, a public advocate for the Clinton administration, advised the newly elected Congress not just to concern themselves with LGBT Equal Rights, but also to defend the country for what they are elected to do, which is to set up programs for, health, housing, and education.

Massachusetts was the first state to approve of a statewide referendum defending Transgender Rights. Question 3 on the ballot which defends Transgender Rights was adopted. The new law will protect Gender Discrimination in Public Accommodations, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, stores, and public transportation. Massachusetts, which has a reputation for being leaders in LGBT civil rights, is sending a message to the rest of the country that it is possible to change administration if voted on.

Two Transwomen Gerri Cannon and Lisa Bunker were elected into the Congress in New Hampshire, sending a message that it can be done. The fact the two Transgender Women won their elections for their seats in Congress, is a sure testimony that the wave of voters is moving away from Trumps anti-LGBT policies of hatred. The new Congress will be gender-affirming and post that Civil Rights as it affects the entire LGBT Community and the Country, must take precedence, over this branding of discrimination by Trump and Pence Supporters.


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