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How to Tie a Tie

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Just for you Dennis,

Thought this may save you some aggravation, and let you sleep in, in the morning  ;D

Chat later,


Whoo, thanks Steph. That's one of the clearest diagrams I've seen. The one I've been using is called "simple single" on that. One of my reasons for wanting a more complicated knot is that it'll take more tie and I'm a little short in the body, so I'm hoping it'll sit better.


Sarah Louise:
They need a nursery tune like they have for tying shoe laces.

Or, you could always just get the clip on ties.  I wore a clip on to work once and one of the girls there was "goofing" around and tried to choke me by tightening the tie, whoops, she pulled it right off.  She got real red in the face and everyone else just started laughing.


I'm sticking with the simple single for the time being. I'm already getting teased about being too well dressed. Got to blend in with the community, so I guess I'll have to sleep in my suits for a night or two to get that rumpled look down.


Hello Dennis,

Just do me one favour, don't ever wear white socks, unless you are out jogging.   :D

Chat later



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