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<not allowed> evacuee released


<not allowed> evacuee released
Eagle Staff Writer

A <not allowed> Hurricane Katrina evacuee jailed for five days after showering in the women's bathroom at a local shelter was released Friday after the county attorney declined to press charges.

Arpollo Vicks, who was born male but lives as a woman, was arrested Sunday by Texas A&M University Police for criminal trespassing after she exited a women's shower facility at Reed Arena. Vicks, 20, had been staying at the shelter with other evacuees bused in from New Orleans.

Brazos County Attorney Jim Kuboviak said he first became aware of the situation Friday. Upon reviewing police reports, he ordered that Vicks be released.

"[Vicks] lacked criminal intent to violate the law," Kuboviak said. "If [Vicks] had been rummaging through stuff or doing any harm, that would have been different."... [Read more]

Sarah Louise:
It's a crime that they keep her jailed for five days.  I'm happy she was released, but what purpose does keeping her jailed do?  And, I would have to guess she was put in with "men", that is another crime in and of itself.


I'm guessing it was for either indecent exposure or whatever-it's-called-for-not-following-police-orders. Apparently she was warned once about using the women's facilities, which does suck considering her situation. :( I don't recall if special accomodations were going to be made for a seperate bathroom or not. at least the DA dropped the charges.

Was this person pre op?



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