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flower power:
i've only been coming here for a few days now, but it's been affecting me much more than i thought it would. i find i can barely sleep at night thinking of all the stuff i've read duringthe day, thinking about when my next chance to dress will be and just daydreaming of being a girl. before, the girl in me was an off-and-on thing, kind of like hearing a song in the back of my brain that every once in while needed to be sung at the top of my lungs. now, because of interacting with the rest of you, she's right up front, pounding on the doors wanting some time on the surface.

have any of you had similar experiences?

sorry for the crummy metaphors, whenever i try to be elequent i usually fall flat. thanks again for the help and support.


Hey Sleepless,

Very familiar with the feeling. I know when I first started out I was very excited. Heck I still am I just have it more under control now. I'm out and I'm never going back and that is a very liberating feeling. Don't worry about the metaphors. Could use some capitalizations though.

There's not a day goes by I don't log onto Susan's. Watch out though if your on here to much they'll make you a moderator. ;D lol Just kidding no one will make you do anything.

But we do have our ways. :icon_evil_laugh: Well there I go again, just being silly.

Good Journey,


Hello, hello, hello,

Don't worry about the crumby metaphors, I have a hard enough time even spelling the word  :)

I think we all go through what you are experiencing.  Being able to talk freely about anything that we have kept bottled up has a tendency to have that effect.  We finally realise that, "hey there's nothing weird about me at all"

Take care and enjoy the freedom, but don't get carried away until you are prepared.

Same here Flower,

I've just woken up and straight in here. It may slow down over time but I suspect not. It's just so nice being able to relax, be yourself and interact with others without being judged.

Don't worry about the moderator thing,while Steph and Cassie keep doing a great job I think we're safe from the coloured stars :).


I'm old poster here at susans....and I know what you mean. I am the most honest and trully here...than anywhere in the world. Not to say I'm not the same in the world...its just I do it alone. Here I am not alone.



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