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The drunk tank...


So....I was out having drinks last night....had a bit too many. I was on my way home...and blew out a tire. ECK...Wish I had a man with me. Long story short, cop pulled over to help....smelled alcohol....took me to the drunk tank(holding cell). He was very nice about the whole thing....Altho explaning my license was interesting since I'm not Kelli on my license...

Gee, shouldn't he have given you a sobriety test or something before just carting you off to jail? Were you charged with anything?


Don't you have roadside breath tests over there?


Yeah, we do have sobriety tests. But they don't do roadside breatalizers. Fortunatly, I wasn't charged with anything.

Sarah Louise:
I'm glad you weren't charged.

I got stopped yesterday by a motorcycle office for not wearing my seat belt (my bad).  He was nice and just told me to put it on and let me go.



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