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And then they do something that surprises you...


My daughter (15), who never participates in extracurricular activities, told me she joined a school club today.  The club is geared towards promoting acceptance of gays, lesbians, bi-sexual and <not allowed> people within her high school.

No, she does not know about me; or, if she has guessed, she hasn't brought it up.  She does have a couple of school friends who are gay and lesbian, so I am assuming that she is doing this to support them. 

I post this not only to brag about my daughter, but to say that this gives me hope for the future...


Hello Chaunte

Isn't it wonderful the way most teens are so accepting these days.  It's so unfortunate that a lot of parents and adults don't follow their example.  This bodes well for GLBT 's in the future, but then I'm the eternal optimist  :)  However having said that there has to be a start somewhere, so it might as well be your daughters generation as those that have gone before her have left a lot to be done.

Just my thoughts


Great to hear. You must be doing something right Chaunte.


Thank you.

I think my voice went up in pitch by a step or so when she told me about the club.  I was suddenly expecting her to ask if I am <not allowed>.  I'm not sure how I would have answered.  I would like to think I would have been truthful...



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