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A Game of you + Vertigo


One of my favorite TG characters will always be Wanda from a game of you. The collected story from Sandman

Yes she has the moon fall on her, but i identify with the way she is scared
and hope that I will half as beautiful as her at the end of her journey.

and there is another Vertigo title, wher there have a meta human TG who has the power to melt objest. Sigh I read it once.

In genneral Vertigo characters has positive images of everyone, as well the negitive just like real life, weher you can see how something affects but does not becoem a johny one note.

There was a story in " The Dreaming" where this woman born a male  , dies comes back as a woman, and then becomes a night mare. Her struggle with who she is defines what she becomes and her redempton is interesting.

the girl with the power to melt things was Kate of the doom patrol, she was a pretty good tg character, and alot of her plotlines revolved around questions of self,

anyway, kate (coagula) has to be more realistic than the doom patrols last tg character "danny the (crossdressing, sentient) street".

wanda is a good character because she starts of slightly comical (i thought) but by the end you identify with her, especially since her story is all how no one will accept her as female (granted that includes gods but its a fantasy tale) the ending where she dies and her uptight religous family bury her as alvin ("the good boy she should have been") was allways very sad

Just saw your post.

I remember reading a "Game of you" when it was released.  I had just come out, was on hormones and well...that last issue "I woke up this morning and one of us was crying" had me locked in the loo at work, wrecked for half an hour.  Had heard Wanda re-appears in a later Neil gaiman story, but don't know which one.
Still got the comics and I re-read it every once in a while.  Though thankfully I can now read it without the need to be locked in a loo.
Stunning stuff.



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