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Has your practice changed as you transitioned?

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I am wondering if anyone else has found that their spiritual practice has shifted as they transitioned. I've noticed for instance that the aspects of the gods and goddesses that I found easiest to relate to have altered. I also couldn't meditate/pray for a period while I was unsettled on transition. Once I accepted my need to transition (moving gradually but firmly forward) versus riding the waves of unhappiness, I found the gates opening again. I have always had a more feminine energy when I practice and I am finding that it was a little unsettled for a bit, but now it has returned only it seems to have shifted somewhat. Hard to put a finger on it. It is definitely changing and I'm having to rediscover some of the terrain.

I'm wondering if anyone else has faced this and what they found successful means of moving forward. I am solitary/practice with my wife so I'm always open to suggestions.

I'm not sure my practices have changed a whole lot because I was always more aligned with what I felt were the feminine aspects of deity.  The one thing that's changed quite a bit since transition is that I feel much more attuned to my own nature and so practice just feels more natural.  Can't even imagine what happens after SRS. :laugh:

I also have more time to think about spiritual matters because my mind no longer dwells on when and how I'm going take the plunge into transition.  Because of that, my practice is slowly strengthening.

My focus has not shifted, but my understanding has grown. It is the calmness I feel from having accepted my self that allows me this understanding.

Thanks for the thoughtful comments girls. I definitely am feeling more calm and I think having accepted my need for transition rather than remaining angst ridden has certainly allowed me to be more open again. Too much mental clutter was reducing my ability to hear myself on a more spiritual level. I think that I want to incorporate my practice with different phases of my transition. I figure each step of the way is worth celebrating and marking in some spiritually meaningful way. I'm planning on a reduction/clearance of some of my old boys clothes (although I'll have to keep a fair bit for now... sigh) and will use it symbolically as a form of rededication and marking a beginning of the journey. I'm thinking of how to turn making the first doctors appointment, choosing a name, and so on into something that is not just an emotional journey but one that is celebrated. Over the next while, I'm going to be giving a lot of thought about how to do that.

I suppose my practice has changed, since I was raised in a Christian environment and diagnosing myself with this condition happened at about the same time that I returned to my ancestral roots in terms of religion, but those two changes aren't really related.


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