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My Genderation
Deconstructing Gender
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One for the road
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The LynnER Edge
Truth in Lies, my journy through the pass of hell. and other observations from life on the edge.
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To keep a blog generally you need to make at least one post per month. Yes mine hasn't been posted to in a while but I am claiming executive privilege.

Don't forget, LynnER has some extenuating circumstances at the moment that make it difficult for her to get online.


I didn't :( she's been on a good bit and just started having a problem in the last week.  Her last posting was in December... I will make sure she's back and had a chance to read this before deleting hers. It might be 2-4 weeks before I delete them to give the people a chance to start posting...

Sarah Louise:
Never mind, I am totally spaced out today.

Sarah L.


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