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Blogger's Block..need help getting unstuck!

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Hey there: I would like to add more content to my blog on a more regular basis and I seem to be having a "blogger" block, right now! So hopefully someone can help me out!
Do you know any helpful links that I gain info from?

Maybe a website or blog, that is informative?

Maybe a topic that I can discuss?

Or what about a personal story from a TransGender or a friend of one?
Thanks in advance

Hello a friend and welcome to Susan's!

You need to have a minimum of 50 posts to request a blog.  When you reach post #50, please post your request under this forum, and one of the moderators will create your blog.  Thank you.

tinkerbell :icon_chick:

Thanks for your fast response Tinkerbell ...and I am sorry, maybe I should have stated it better...  a blog that I already have..a it is listed in my signature!
(unless I am violating forum rules)

First question is what is the theme for your blog?

lol  I guess I also has forum block...,9420.msg67803.html#msg67803
maybe that posting will be of help!
Any suggestions/ideas/tips etc would be appreciated!


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