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  Out Magazine

  The Hidden 105

    By Mandy Carter, Diego Sanchez, and Roberta Sklar

    A response from three readers to our controversial 2011 Power 50 aims to celebrate a diverse group of LGBT people often overlooked by mainstream society.
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From the editors:

Ever since it was launched, in May 2007, Out’s annual Power List has courted controversy, from the decision to include “glass-closeted” men and women to the inclusion of polarizing figures like Perez Hilton. This year, the editors fielded criticism for not being representative of ethnic and racial minorities, and for the absence of transgender candidates. In our defense, the Power 50 is specifically designed as a ranked list of men and women with influence in mainstream society, not within the LGBT world (a very different exercise), and the list generally reflects the hierarchies of mainstream society for better or worse. Nor is the list intended as an accolade -- for that, there is the Out 100 in December -- and those who make the list are not always worthy. Rankings are based on a combination of scores allotted for political impact, visibility, wealth, and the ability to influence public opinion