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What medical diagnosis did you receive as a result of your gender issues?

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It would be interesting to know what diagnosis people have received as a result of their gender issues.

For myself i was diagnosed as a transsexual. What does our diagnosis say?

Please limit your answer to the actual diagnosis and not how you identify.

Classic transsexual, actually.


GID and Major Depressive Disorder (going off my therapist's letter to my HRT doc back when I started).  This is pretty much what it was my entire life, though I was diagnosed with a host of other things unrelated to my gender issues.

After two years of therapy with two therapists, one a psychiatrist who specialized in gender issues, the other a psychologist who specialized in sexual disorders, I received a diagnosis that I was a raving lunatic.


Ann Onymous:
According to the letter from my first shrink, the diagnosis of <not allowed> was made during March 1989. 


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