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What medical diagnosis did you receive as a result of your gender issues?

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My experience was very similar to Arch's, I was never formally diagnosed with anything. I got a letter from my therapist, took it to a doctor and got my meds.

Kia Ora

 ::) Wrong body syndrome  ;) ;D

 ::) No seriously.... "True Gender dysphoria"  "Transsexual" & "Transgender" [transgender the term used by my endocrinologist] the other terms used both by the psychiatrists and clinical psychologist...In their reports "true gender dysphoria" being the most common usage to describe my condition, however the clinical psychologist did  also say "She fits the criteria for GID [DSM1V]"...

Metta Zenda :)

Ann Onymous:

--- Quote from: JennX on August 23, 2011, 08:58:02 pm ---Different horses for different courses I suppose. GID is the correct medical terminology... after that, it comes down to semantics IMHO.

--- End quote ---

GID may be the diagnosis that could show up today...but some of us were in treatment for our medical condition LONG before GID was the phrase du jour.  Gender dysphoria would occasionally show up in literature and some notes back then, but I don't believe GID came along until sometime in the mid-90's. 

I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder adult moderate or something like that.  Transsexual is close enough.


initial diagnosis GID all conversations with docs after termed transgender and transexual mix my prefered term transgender


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