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What medical diagnosis did you receive as a result of your gender issues?

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Just Kate:
Where can one get a medical diagnosis?  I didn't think there was a medical consensus yet.

I've been diagnosed, but not medically. I received a psychological diagnosis of transsexual.  Is that what you mean?

The ICD-9/10 has GID and its counterparts listed in its psychology section.  Not sure if it has the same weight as the other medical diagnoses.

"General diagnostic consult"

I get my hormones either way because they understand what's up, so they can code it however they please.

I haven't seen a diagnosis, nor been told one.. My referral for hormones simply stated that 'I was recommended for hormonal reassignment'.. Mind you, I'm not sure my therapist knows what to make of me..

Year: 2019

F64.0 <not allowed>
Type: Primary

Prognosis: Permanent

But the doctors also told me I could be fixed. Made whole.
And I could live as just a normal woman.

And I cried.

Not sure there was a “medical code” per se. The therapist letter stated I had gender dysphoria consistent with WPATH Transgender criteria. That was good enough for the PCP, insurance companies, and endocrinologist.

So I guess transgender.



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