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Post FFS Pic 90 days
« on: February 17, 2007, 06:03:49 pm »
Pic removed, imposters are lurking

My life has changed dramatically since the effects of my sliding genioplasty have become evident. Sometimes I think I must look like Jesus though as when I walk by the guys hanging out in the Tenderloin (where I now live) they mutter "Oh Lord!" :)

I met this guy the other night that fell for me in an instant. I mean this guy is totaly insane for me. I found out from his friend that I look almost exactly like his wife who was killed in a car accident along with his daughter ten years ago.

Interviewing next week for a new job within my company (a promotion) I feel pretty confident that I can get, looking nice helps a lot. Every day seems like a new adventure living downtown San Francisco. I never dreamed it would be this good.
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