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First night alone, what fun... sorta

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Miss Placed:
Hi Steph

--- Quote from: Stephanie Craxford on September 27, 2005, 06:49:42 am ---Hello Miss Placed,

I think this has been mentionied before but you have to be certain that this is who you are before you go forward.  The knowledge that you can look like a woman, and be convincing as a woman, does not make you a woman.  There is a difference...

Take care,

Steph :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the advice. I was rather typing on the fly, and when I do that I tend not to take as much care over all of my typing. Where I stated...

--- Quote ---If I go ahead with transition (and I obviously will not know that for some time yet) then I want to get it right
--- End quote ---

I actually used the term 'transition' here incorrectly, or in a very broad sense. I used it to include the therapy which will hopefully help me make sure that I am a woman in the first place, and that taking things any further is 100% the correct thing for me to do :)

Hmm, not sure if I even worded the above paragraph correctly.


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