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Tiffany Elise:
 I just tried to register on a straight website and when they saw my gaychristian e-mail address they banned me before I could post. They never checked to see who I was or what I would post. Just banned me because of the address.
 The confirmation mail said welcome to and sorry but you are banned!
  It ticks me off that they could have at least seen what I would post before banning me!
  I'm used to being banned after I post but this was rediculous.!

They sound like a pack of jackholes! You're probably better off not being a member there.

But I do have to ask (cause I'm just chock full o' curiosity on a regular basis!) why did you want to be on a straight-only website?  Not that I'm the one saying you can't, but you mention having a gaychristian e-mail addy, which is practically like broadcasting your orientation, so what were you hoping to achieve by being a member of this group?

Tiffany Elise:
  Actually, I enjoy going into straight sites and waiting until the holier-than-thou preachers start using clobber-passages in their posts to train their repeating parrots how to slam the GLBT community and then I battle with the.
  I always get banned when they get mad or when they cannot counter what I post. I've gotten rather used to it.
  I guess this  time I got aggravated because they beat me to it.
  Since the straight Christians seem to enjoy looking down their pious nose at us while forgetting that the word of God makes all guilty I enjoy just getting them to think before they post.

My attitude would be  - Their club, their rules, and it seems to me that if that is the way they are then they are welcome to their little group.  Who needs them.

Don't loose sleep over jerks.


Hey Tiff!

Sorry about the bad experience.  Not sure you would really enjoy being on there anyway.  But guess we'll never know.



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